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Drone Industry leads way in Gender Inclusive Language

It looks like the FAA is on its way to adopting more gender inclusive language. Most importantly, it is involved in a huge aspect of the drone industry. The Drone Advisory Committee (DAC), a group of stakeholders that represent a drone industry, a study, or academics. The group consists of massive technological figures such as Wing (Google’s Sister Company), Amazon Prime Air, and Skydio. During the meeting, this group did approve four recommendations to use gender-neutral language for drone enthusiasts.

What to expect from the drone industry regarding gender inclusive language?

The plan regarding the gender inclusive language includes swapping terms, such as ‘manufactured’ or ‘fabricated’. The word ‘cockpit’ is going to be replaced with ‘flight deck’. 

In the drone community, there are a few people that are wanting to replace the word ‘unmanned’ with more gender inclusive language. The DAC did give a few recommendations in this regard. They would change it to ‘uncrewed’ to ensure that the UAV acronym gets maintained. Or simply, they can refer to the drones like they have been doing previously. 

There are rumors to replace the word ‘Repairman’ with more pragmatic language in that regard, such as ‘technician’ or ‘NOTAM”. NOTAM currently stands for ‘notice to the airman’. However, it will be adopted as its word rather than an acronym that contains a less-than-neutral term. 

DAS gender inclusive language

We have shared a screenshot of the DAS slide above. 


If we talk about implementation regarding gender inclusive language, we have to wait for a while. FAA representative Bradley Mims has told the American media that the FAA is open to any suggestions in this regard. Therefore, it does like the DAC recommendations will be adopted to some extent. 

Mr. Mims stated that as we proceed, we have to make sure that everyone is comfortable with our plans and everyone is happy to be part of the industry.

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