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The ultimate drone app, Wing’s OpenSky is available

The ultimate drone app, made by Google’s sister company, Wing is now available in the market. Wing has dropped its recent developed app in the Google and Apple stores, and it is free to download. By using this app, drone pilots can conduct numerous tasks, including checking where they can or cannot fly drones. After considering themselves eligible, they can get LAANC permissions and visualize their flights.

What to expect from this ultimate drone app?

ultimate drone app

Wing’s OpenSky app may gone on to become a revolutionary drone app for drone pilots. It is considered as a one-step solution for them as the drone pilots can conduct numerous tasks by just a click. Firstly, they can get notified about the places where they cannot fly drones.  The app functionalities work in LAANC-controlled airspaces, as per the FAA regulations. These areas may contain numerous airports.

Without an FAA-approved LAANC provider, drone pilots would require approval from the FAA to operate drones days prior to the deadline. Secondly, the drone app enables you to track and manage your pilot profile effectively.

Even though there are many flight management apps in the market today, Wing’s OpenSky app stands out. Considering this app has aforementioned features, it looks the most ideal.  As Wing has an association with Google, this app is powered by Google Maps.

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map drone app

The app is configured from the same operations that Wing utilizes to accommodate their drone delivery procedures.  Therefore, it has nearly a decade of experience at its disposal.

Future Developments

This is not the first that this drone app has been made public. This app was first publicized in Australia back in 2019 for both recreational and business purposes.  Wing OpenSky was publicly supported by Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

After a successful trail down under, Wing held talks with FAA regarding the US-Centric version of the application. We can expect further developments regarding that in the future.

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