The Drone Light Show

The Drone Light Show to hit Dolly Parton Theme Park

Dolly Parton is a well-known American singer that has won the hearts of numerous song lovers around the world. Now, she has a theme park with her name that is about to lighten up with the drone light show soon. Tennessee is considered to be the new and recurring Intel occasion coming this summer. These performances will take place during all of the evenings during the celebration. The show will run from 25th July till 31st July.

What to expect from the drone light show coming this summer?

the drone light show

The drone light show is considered to be the ‘multi-sensory show’. According to the statement released by Dollywood, it is bound to create symphony within the sky above the Pigeon Forge Park. The statement also describes how this show is a catalyst to the evolution of the traditional theme park entertainment.

The drone light show uses around 400 drones to visualize the exclusive Dollywood-exclusive story. The drone performance gets transformed into a musically choreographed show. This creates an audial event of top-class proportions.  The team that is working behind-the-scenes in this regard is Intel.

They use the small drones i.e. ‘Shooting Star drones’ to go in different animations and shapes. By doing this, it shows the creativity that the Intel team has got. Every drone, part of this show, weighs less than a pound.

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Final Thoughts

Do you want to learn about the drone light show brought by Intel? If you do, make sure to look into the event that was hosted on that show with Cindy, Ng and marketing director. They all belonged to the Intel Drone Group. All these people have provided some extravagant details regarding these drone shows.

The details included all the small details of the drones, the behind-the-scene secrets, and the roadmap behind the development of the drones. Its usage is also being discussed. There is still no comment on whether Dolly Parton herself has flown a drone or not.


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