Drone Sales Double in the US

A report recently published by the NPD group states that the demand for drones has been on the increase since the sales were calculated to have risen by about 117 per cent by the end of February, 2017. The top quality drones slated for sale at more than $300 are being held responsible for this increase. According to statistics, these drones have contributed to more than 84 per cent to dollar sales and about 40 per cent to unit sales in the first two months of the calendar year.

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The report elaborates that the drones priced at $1000 were the fastest selling machines in the year 2017 to date which were followed by the drones lying in the range $300 and $500. The report also reveals the proclivity of the consumers in purchasing drones that are equipped with state of the art features. It was reported that the drones falling in the price range of $300 and $500 and loaded with autonomous flight capabilities were sold approximately five times faster than those not equipped with these features. Moreover, it was also stated in the report that the Follow Me mode, that lets your drone follow you while you move about and capture your videos and photographs, is the most in demand among consumers. Statistics reveal that devices equipped with this feature sold about nineteen times faster than those without this feature.

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Drone Market value

Despite the high end drones being the fastest sellers in the market, the drones costing between $50 and $150 were also sold at significantly faster rates during the holiday season. Due to their ubiquitous availability in the toy stores around the country, they accounted for more than 42 per cent of unit sales during the last three months of the year 2016.

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This report clearly mentions that the demand for drones in the United States is on an unprecedented rise. The report also makes it clear that the drones equipped with high end features such as the autopilot flight mode and the Follow Me mode are in more demand.

It is also quite surprising that despite a number of rules and regulations being enforced with regard to drone flights across the country, the sales of these machines has doubled over the last year or so. We believe that the sales would probably have been a lot higher than this had the rules and regulations discussed above not been enforced.

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