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You won’t Find DJI Fly app on Play store: Available on DJI Website

If you own any DJI drone then you might have installed the DJI app. isn’t it? But do you know that the Latest DJI fly app hasn’t been updated on AppStore and play store since November? DJI asking to download the app from their official website. All in all, it is resulting in users not getting updates and the latest features. But Why this is happening?

If you’ve checked the latest version of the DJI Fly app on the play store then you might have noticed that current version of the app is 1.2.1. On the other side when you surf on DJI Official website then the latest version there is 1.2.4. So a question might interrupt you why Playstore is not updating the app?

Well, the app is not updating since November, First, we thought that there might be some issues with the app but now it’s been a long time so it seems like there is something different going on. To answer your query I investigated and visited the DJI’s official website. Earlier you can easily download the DJI Fly app from the play store and access it but that’s, not the case now. Now, you won’t find the Play store option, Most Probably DJI has taken this step for the convenience of its users.

Why DJI Fly app isn’t Updating on Playstore?

We aren’t completely sure why the app is not updating on the play store. But there’s a possibility that the Play store has rejected the new version of DJI Fly. Furthermore, You may find the older version on Playstore.

On the other side, DJI might have not updating their app on Playstore for an anonymous reason. However, It appears that DJI wanted the people to get the app from their official website. You can get the updated version of the DJI fly app from their official website and access new updates and features.

What Else?

Make sure that you download the app from DJI’s official website as third-party websites might add viruses to the file. Do let us know your opinion in the comments section. We will be happy to hear your thoughts and make sure to share them with other DJI users as sharing is caring:)

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