Drone Spots a British Climber Presumed Dead

The drone was deployed after a cook stationed at the base camp spotted Rick Allen’s rucksack after he had fallen from an ice cliff

A drone assisted in spotting a British climber known throughout the world after he had been presumed dead in the highest mountain ranges, Himalayas.

Rick Allen belongs to Aberdeen and was engaged in a solo ascent to the summit of Pakistan’s Broad Peak (8,047m), which is the 12th highest mountain in the world. He fell from an ice cliff and later a cook stationed at the base camp spotted his rucksack. Subsequently, a drone was deployed to locate the 65 year old climber and guide the rescue mission.

A helicopter flew him for further treatment after bringing the climber to the basecamp who had nothing more serious than a few injuries and frostnip.

Rick Allen was accompanied by Sandy Allan and were part of a team of climbers. The team had to abandon their ascent due to violent weather conditions.

Sandy Allan told BBC that Rick is resilient and a hard nut to crack and was quite fortunate at the same time that his luggage had been spotted by the cook. He said that the team had considered Allen dead whom Sandy believes to be his best climbing partner.

Earlier reports had emerged that the team members had presumed Rick Allen to be dead after they discovered his satellite phone and returned back to the base camp after Scot had attempted a solo ascent on the 9th of July.

David Roeske was involved in the rescue mission and said that Rick Allen had been alone on the mountain for 36 hours until his rucksack was spotted by a Japanese cook. A drone was deployed and identified that Rick was still alive.

While talking to the climbing website AlanArnetter.com, David said that the drone had helped the rescue mission identify Rick’s location in a dangerous terrain, a fall from where could have resulted into the climber making way to the base of the mountain or down into a wide chasm.

Rick Allen was brought down to one of the camps of the mountain before twilight and then the climber was taken down to the base on the 12th of July.

Rick was subsequently taken for treatment to frostnip. The climber had already lost one of his big toes to frostbite in an earlier adventure.

In 2012, Rick Allen along with Sandy Allan were able to climb the last unclimbed path in the Himalayas; an expedition, about which Rick Allen had later admitted, that had left him famished and starved after his food stocks had dwindled on their way back down.

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