90 Year Old Suffering from Dementia Rescued by a Drone


A video was released by the Xenia police of Greene County, Ohio which shows the rescue of a 90 year old woman suffering from dementia by a drone. The drone was greatly appreciated by her daughter, Beverly Brown, who attributed the rescue of her mother and her safe return home to the drone. It took about one hour to find the woman but it could have taken an enormous amount of time had it not been the drone. From the looks of things, it appears that it was the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual which rescued the old lady who was found during the day. There has been no clarification by the authorities with regard to the use of thermal cameras in the operation. The woman was brought home safely.

Drone helps to find a 90-year-old woman

Brown told Fox45Now that she looked in the house and found her mother’s purse in the garage without her sunglasses so she immediately realized that the old lady was missing.The knowledge that her mother had been suffering from dementia was incredibly terrifying to the daughter.Brown called 911 as soon as she found out that her mother was missing. The Green Country Sheriff’s office responded immediately and began the search for the mother. A DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual was engaged in the search and rescue mission.

Here is the link to the drone video that shows the exact moment when the old lady was spotted. She was strangled in bushes and unable to move. Beverly Brown was sure that there was no way to find her missing mother in the absence of the drone.Matter Miller, a Xenia detective, whose own family member is suffering from dementia, said that this successful mission was really close to his heart and is a testimony of the effectiveness of drones is such dire circumstances. The search and rescue mission lasted about an hour. Brown was not really sure how long it could have taken to spot her mother had there been no drone.

Beverly said that had the mission not been carried out in such an organized and structured manner, she really thought that her mother would have been left stranded all night long.Brown was extremely grateful to all the people involved in the search of her mom and said that she had been immensely relieved to find her mother back home safe and sound.Despite any confirmation by the authorities.


it is strongly believed that the drone engaged in the operation was a DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual.This is yet another instance of a drone saving somebody’s life. Drones are becoming more and more affordable and sophisticated with the passage of time. Of course, the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual is not as blessed as the DJI M210 and the Zenmuse XT2 , but the Dual is surely more affordable and easily transportable.
As law enforcement agencies throughout the country continue to adopt drones, more lives will owe their existence to this brilliant technology in the times to come.

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