Drone traffic

Drone traffic tests conducted via catapult demonstration

There is another popular government conducting air tests of drone traffic with drone industry corporate heavyweights. The good news is that the tests are proving to be successful. The UK government conducted virtual and live tests to look into the traffic management systems as part of their UK Connected Places Catapult demonstration.

Drone Traffic Management System

Unlike the regular air traffic you are accustomed to, where one framework manages the flight routes, the UK Connected Places Catapult has more to the table. It enables the drone traffic management service providers to work independently. However, they can also work with constant communication with each other. Every organization would try to participate in this expanding ecosystem.

Once the organization is eligible to join, it will access and visualize the airspace details and the flight data associated with the other participants. In addition, they will be able to share flight data with other drone pilots and airspace authorities. 

Drone Traffic Management

These drone traffic management solutions could be revolutionary. The participants could be a massive private tech company, such as the Wing, one of the participants in the recently conducted tests. The Wing claims that the innovation from the UK government surrounding the vehicles could not have come at a better time.

Under the innovative U-space Regulation, the EU government seem interested in this project as they are trying to create a framework enriched with UAS innovations and improves drone integration.


The successful drone traffic tests mean that the management system is very close to providing various functionalities such as emergency responses and delivery of groceries. Although there has been much talk about Remote ID and Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM), participants such as Wing are not bothered about the situation.

The Wing claims that it took half a year for the government to build a framework that incorporates challenging operational situations. It has taken longer for air traffic management to create a framework with the exact attributes.

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