Drone’s Victory Lap Ends up in a Horrific Crash at the NYC Formula-E Race Event

Qualcomm New York City ePrix, the first Formula E race contest in the city, had electric cars being driven with ferocious speeds in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The Formula E-race cars with optimum speeds of 140 mph were the main attraction of the event but proved to be less noisy in contrast to their counterparts running on gas.

But there was another competition in which a Titan Grand Prix GFD1 racing drone featured against a Formula E-race car. The previous variant of the drone had been able to attain an optimum speed of 110 mph. The drone boasted stunning acceleration and appeared to be the favorite before the race. However, two of its engines malfunctioned and the ill-fated drone crashed into the ground rather miserably.

As good luck would have it, the drone crashed downwards rather than sideways as it momentarily flew above the safety fencing. Getting hit with a racing drone can cause a serious injury. But the fact that the drone was the only one that got damaged while the participants as well as the spectators remained safe, it turned out to be quite an awe-inspiring accident. Keeping fingers crossed for better drone performances in the future.

Source: via The Verge

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