Drone Registration

FAA Drone Registration Stickers

Once you get your drone registered with the Federal Aviation Administration, it is mandatory that the registration number is pasted on all the drones. These thermal printed stickers boast dimensions of ½” x 1” and are a great option for affixing the number inside the battery compartment. This will ensure that the FAA drone registration number remains hidden and protected from being damaged by air or water. It is also in accordance with the FAA instructions regarding the registration number to be easily accessible, legible, and construable upon vigilant monitoring.

These stickers are perfectly suited to be attached to a DJI Phantom, Mavic, Mavic Air, Spark, or any other consumer drone.


FAA Drone Labels (3 Sets of 3) Designed for DJI Mavic Pro - 3 Color Options
FAA Drone Labels (3 Sets of 3) Designed for DJI Mavic Pro - 3 Color Options
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Composition of stickers

The stickers are thermal printed on white paper but they are not waterproof. However, once affixed inside the battery compartment, they will remain protected from water and air.

Shipping time

The stickers are printed, packaged and shipped in a single business day from the time of the placement of the order. Orders are shipped via USPS first class mail from Harrisburg, PA (US) everyday, in an envelope with blister packing inside. No mail is picked up by USPS on a Sunday so we will not be able to ship any on Sundays. If you place your order after 12 PM EST, the order will be shipped the very next business day.

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Appropriate Time of Drone Registration

The FAA registration process is option for the hobbyist drone pilots.

Registration process

The registration can be carried out at the FAA’s UAS Registration page.

Marking a drone

The drone registration number can be affixed in a number of ways such as permanent marker, label, engraving, etc. You simply have to ensure that the registration number is accessible, readable and legible once viewed vigilantly. We suggest you to attach the registration number in the drone’s battery compartment to keep it safe from being damaged by the elements.

Drone Registration

Drone Registration

Why register?

The drone registration process ensures that the authority is able to provide you, people on the ground and the aircraft with requisite security. Unmanned aircraft systems pose a wide array of challenges with regard to safety and privacy concerns and must be identifiable in case of an emergency. It will also assist you in getting back your drone in case it gets lost.

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