Commercial Drone Delivery

First Commercial Medical Drone Delivery Service in the World

Zipline initiated its first operational site called as the Zipline Muhanga Distribution Center just last year. The site is now commencing commercial drone delivery service to Kabgayi District Hospital.

This makes Rwanda the first country in the world to include drones as part of its airspace traffic and to start commercial drone delivery service on a daily basis.

The company has forged a zealous team of talented engineers from all over Rwanda. The team also includes experienced health technicians and operators who will be responsible for receiving orders, carry out the packaging of blood products and let the commercial drone delivery fleet fly to its destination.

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The hospitals that are on the serving list are located in far flung villages as well as urban areas at a distance of several hours away from the capital. The trajectory to each of them can be quite hazardous as it includes high mountains, lakes and rivers on the way. The drones cross this challenging terrain and reach the Muhororo District Hospital in just 17 minutes.

On the contrary, a truck would have to take a four hour sojourn by road to pick up blood. The company is working in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and has built the capacities of technicians and health practitioners regarding ordering blood products via Zipline and how to effectively bring this innovative idea into use.

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Final verdict on Commercial Drone Delivery

The company’s distribution center is located on a small speck of land. A powerful launcher helps the drones to take off. Recovering a commercial drone delivery was a bit of hard nut to crack. However, they have come up with an idea inspired by the aircraft carrier landings. The drone recovery system jumps up and down to catch the deployed tailhook of a drone as it goes through a jittery flight. This state of the art technology lets them capture drones in this small area and in case the system misses one drone, the machine flies all the way back and around to be captured again.

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