Drones delivering scout cookies

Drones delivering scout cookies via Google company

Lets be honest with ourselves, the news of drones delivering scout cookies is something we could all see coming. Recently, the drones are delivering some of the most fundamental food such as Thin Mint. Now, we have heard the news that Wing, a sister company of Google, are integral to the scout cookies via its drones.

How are the drones delivering scout cookies?

drones delivering scout cookies

There has been a while that the Wing company has been delivering drones in Virginia. A huge credit goes to the Virginia Tech Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership which got recommended by the FAA for the testing of more test use cases. As part of the drones delivering scout cookies, they bring all the necessities to the table such as medical supplies and coffee from local spots.

A few days ago, the Wing company has started negotiations with the local Girl Scout troop. According to the Girl Scouts, they have visualized a 50% decline in the cookie shares this year. The reason can be down to the COVID-19 pandemic which has created troubles to pretty much every industry around the globe. Girl Scouts have previously camped outside of the grocery stores as part of the drones delivering scout cookies. However, it does not seem to be the case anymore with the ongoing pandemic.


However, the Girl Scouts are pretty optimistic that the drone delivery will increase their cookie sales and bring their business to further heights. After all, you won’t find better ways of drone usage than using them to bring Do-si-dos and Trefoils to your table.

Final Thoughts

According to the wing, the drones delivering scout cookies will help the sales not just from the marketing point of view but also from its productivity. Wing states that drone deliveries are far more easier than using drones for transportation of goods. With that being said, Wing expects the government to help them with safer roads and better drone accessibility.

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