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5 Drone Challenges to Hone Your Skills

Drone training does not culminate at the moment when you let go of your cheap machine in favor of a more expensive one. You need to indulge yourself in rigorous practice sessions while trying out drone challenges to get better at flying a drone.

Both rookies as well as seasoned experts can keep trying out new challenges and routines to hone their flying skills and improve their dexterity.
Drone Challenges

If you believe that you are not on top of your game or want to get better at what you do, here are five challenges that you should definitely give a go to![wpsm_toplist]

Advanced aerial cinematography

Of course every pilot out there captures sensational aerial imagery with their drone. That does not mean that a few rookie aerial shots are enough to do justice to your talent. Aerial photography and cinematography is not at all limited to point and shoot.

Even if you are not vying to go mainstream, there is no harm in learning how to capture stunning aerial imagery.

Beginners should learn the fundamentals of top quality drone photography and cinematography.

You can always capture enhanced images while shooting in RAW format, opting for the appropriate ISO and using available photo assist modes.

If you are decent at doing the basic stuff, try out different scenarios and surroundings. Have a go at night photography, capturing moving objects, taking images of urban areas, and so on.

The aim should be to move out of your comfort zone and acquire new skills. Also keep in mind that post-processing is as important as taking the actual shot.

A professional drone training course is something that we would strongly recommend to those interested in becoming professional aerial photographers and cinematographers.

Drone challenges can be overcome by creating a 3D Map

A drone camera is not only cut out to capture the setting sun. You can take the help of appropriate software to create comprehensive 3D maps of the land. Most of the 3D mapping software is expensive so this piece of advice is primarily for those who are vying to become professional. But if you have enough money in your reserves, you can try it out as a hobby. These kind of drone challenges will bring a lot of fun.

Data Mapper, Pix4D and Drone Deploy are some of the leading land mapping software available on the market.

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Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification

If you are a hobby drone pilot, then it is time to move to the next stage. Attain Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification.

It will assist you to achieve a lot more than simply having fun with your drone.

You can become a professional drone pilot by opting out for the drone challenges such as land mapping, real estate photography, infrastructure surveys, etc. You can always offer your services to agencies and firms.

You can also participate in search and rescue and emergency and risk management programs. Getting involved in Search with Aerial RC Multirotor (SWARM) can help you help those in need of immediate search and rescue services.

Monetize your drone

Drones are becoming an important part of our everyday life and businesses ranging from agriculture to insurance. The drone challenges are not that difficult to start if you have the requisite flying skills, experience, and Part 107 Remote Pilot.

Working as an individual or in the form of a company by hiring recruits can be a possibility as well. You can go for businesses such as drone photography, cinematography, farm management, land mapping, surveillance and inspection, and UAV training.

You can collaborate with businesses, enterprises, companies and individuals.

Build a drone yourself

Drone Challenges

If you are into technical specifications, then you are always build your own drone from the ground up will help you understand drones at a deeper level.

You can build a wide variety of drones ranging from smaller ones to FPV racing drones as well as the larger photography drones.

Keep in mind that doing the drone challenges from scratch is not a piece of cake. You can always take help from beginner guides and online video tutorials.

It is important that you are on the perennial quest to get better and better at what you do. Challenging yourself to attain new heights of glory by improving one’s skills in newer arenas is a crucial part of becoming a successful drone pilot. Drones are getting mainstreamed with every passing day and this piece of advice will certainly make you feel delighted with your choice.



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