Fix Your Quadcopter: How to Fix All the Common Breakdowns

Drones in general and quadcopters in particular were one of the hottest and in-demand toys this festive season among kids and professionals alike. Considering their affordable price, they offer a marvelous solution to overcome one’s everyday troubles and experience some fun while flying drones. The smaller quadcopters present a brilliant flying experience since one does not have to worry about them getting crashed and losing out on the large investment in terms of money which is related to all the advanced professional grade Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.


If you have been struggling with worn out or broken propellers, then you should go for propeller guards. Here’s our detailed post on Propeller Guards. Since the quadcopters are made of low priced materials and rookie pilots are bound to go through a number of crashes and accidents during their course of learning how to fly a drone, propellers tend to suffer a lot of damage. In this guide, we will learn how to substitute lost screws, worn out or broken propellers, damaged LEDs, worn out clasps, broken cables, and preventing the battery from short circuiting the gyroscope.

In case your quadcopter is undergoing a turbulent flight, producing undesired sounds, LEDs are not working properly, the quadcopter is not getting charged properly, it is following an unintended direction, one of the propellers is not spinning, it is getting stripped of screws or its outer covering or frame does not remain intact, then, folks, it’s time to carry out some drone services and this is the go-to instructable for you!

To perform some drone services, you will be required the following supplies:

  • A set of small Phillips screwdrivers (my machine required a pH0)
  • An additional set of propellers (most of the quadcopter versions come with spare propellers)
  • A hot glue gun
  • Clear tape
  • A soldering iron with a fine soldering tip

Firstly, you have to open the four screws located beneath the outer covering of your quadcopter. Once removed, detach the clips near each rotor.

Fixing Drone

Twisted propellers

Twisted propellers of a quadcopter during frequency flights is quite a common phenomenon. They get distorted this often because of the material used in their manufacture. They consist of a soft material so that people coming in their way do not get hurt or damage is caused to objects obstructing their path.

Twisted Propellers

If the propellers are concave shaped, your quadcopter will not be able to attain the desired lift if the propellers get bent. Similarly, if they are convex shaped propellers, then your quadcopter is likely to produce a buzzing or hissing sound like that of a mosquito and you will not get the desired performance from your device.

To repair your bent propeller, place it on a soft plain surface and take a good look at it from the eye-level. You just have to apply little pressure at the bent portion of the propeller to get them back in their standard position. However, bear in mind that the more pressure you apply at the propellers or the more frequently you do so, the probability of fractures appearing in the propeller surface or them getting cracked will be sky high. Care has to be taken while carrying out drone services.

Substitute Worn Out Propellers

This is an important part of drone services. You can repair or mend a severely broken or twisted propeller by pulling along the vertical direction near the propeller’s centre. Then, press the new propeller onto the motor’s shaft.

Take care that you are able to replace the broken propeller with its appropriate replacement since there are two kinds of propellers which spin in opposite directions in order to ensure the that your quadcopter remains steady during its flight.Keep in mind that if you repeatedly remove and replace a certain propeller, it is likely to get loose during flight due to loss of friction.

Prevent the battery from shorting out other components

The insulating material between the battery bag and the printed circuit board is likely to get displaced quite easily. If your quadcopter is not getting charged properly; it is providing a very short flight duration; flies in random direction or seems to be following an undesired direction once switched on, then you might be having shorting issues.

In order to fix this problem and perform some drone services, detach the case and the insulating material from beneath the battery bag, attach the insulating material to the clear tape. Once done, enclose the battery in clear tape to avoid any exposed surface and hence any undesired short circuiting.

How to Mend Broken Cables

In case, one of your propellers does not rotate, turn the quadcopter and try to spin it in different directions. The propeller at an elevated position will begin to slow down and eventually stop rotating. Now, observe if the propeller rotates at a lowered position and stops rotating once both the propellers are levelled. If this is the case, then check the battery’s insulation to see if there is any short circuiting involved.


If the propeller is not spinning at all, then you should check out the cables that connect the motor to the electronic circuit board. If one of the wires connecting the motor to the circuit board has broken, use a forceps to hold it and employ your soldering skills with the help of a fine tipped soldering iron. Use sufficient heat to melt the solder wire and attach the broken wire connecting the motor to the circuit board.

Take care to apply solder wire only when required the most. Moreover, also ensure that you employ a decent quality fine tipped soldering iron with a lower melting point so that the nearby electronic components do not get damaged and the associated wires do not melt down.

Substituting LEDs

If one of the LEDs that came fitted in your quadcopter in the original packaging gets loose, then the most important thing to do at this point in time is to discover the original one since it is even smaller in size than a grain of rice. Its dimensions are approximately 1mm x 1.5mm. If you fail to find the original LED, then you can always purchase micro LEDs from an electronics store from the market at a very low cost.

Take care to note the markings identifying the direction of diode at its back and the electronic circuit board. Ensure that both of them are pointing in the same direction when you plug the LED in the board.

attaching leds to drones

You will observe that if plug in the LED while the motor is still in place, the magnetic field of the brushless motor tends to attract the diode inwards. Hence, you will have to install the diode by detaching the motors.

Once detached, use forceps to fit the diode in its location on the board and melt a small amount of solder wire with the help of a fine tipped soldering iron to fix the LED in its designated slot.

As soon as the solder gets cooled down, switch on the drone to check if the LED is working or not. Do not place the outer covering of the quadcopter back on since you might require a few modifications in order to ensure that the diode works perfectly.

Substituting Stripped Screws

When you remove the screws, you might observe a tiny amount of silicon on their tips. In such a case, hot glue is the way to go. Ensure that the glue is heated at the optimum temperature so that it does not form clumps. Once you reattach the clips near the rotors, dip the screws in sufficient amount of hot glue before fitting them again. This procedure will ensure that the screws do not get loose during flight and get dislodged easily.

Replacing Removed Screws

Damaged Clasps

In case the clasps that hold the outer covering of your quadcopter get damaged, the upper and lower portion of the shell can be held together with the help of tiny pieces of elastic similar to the ones used for braces or holding cables or headphones in the original packaging of electronic equipment.

broken clasp

Take care to employ measures that provide balance to the elastics or else the quadcopter might undergo some balance related issues.

It’s Flying Time!

400;”>This is it with the drone services, folks! We hope that this guide will help you repair your quadcopter in case of any broken body parts or subpar performance. In case you have trouble understanding any procedure or have a few suggestions or would like to share your own experiences, do not hesitate to post your comment in the comments section below.

Wishing you happy flying, y’all!  

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