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How to pass the FAA recreational drone test?

In 2021, all drone operators are permitted to pass the FAA recreational drone test. Regardless of whether you are flying a drone for commercial purposes or a hobby, the test is crucial for you to fly drones in the US. For a long time, only commercial drones required drone pilot tests, which was known as the Part 107 test. But now, hobby drones are also under the same umbrella. 

Usually known as The Recreational Unmanned Aircraft Systems Safety Test (TRUST), the test launched in June 2021. 

Who needs to take the FAA recreational drone test?

recreational drone test- FAA

The TRUST must be visualized by everyone that is flying under Section 44809. The pilots who fly under Section 44809 fly drones recreationally (and not for a commercial or hobby purpose). Even if you are flying drones not for paying, but operating them for business purposes, you still require to take the FAA recreational drone test

You can be taking pictures of a sports match or school’s sports day. Furthermore, you can be voluntarily using drones for different surveys. Regardless of your intentions, you must undergo the rules of Part 107. 

Why do you need to take the test?

The recreational drone test was associated with Congress. It needed the development of the testing initiative under the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018. Since then, the FAA has been working hard to build the test in a broader drone community. More of the input came at the end of 2019 that consisted of 12 organizations randomly selected by FAA.  

FAA picked these organizations to help the agency in meeting the development requirements. The companies included DJI and some companies that are now called test administrators, including the Drone Launch Academy

These companies are key to make a recreational drone test available to drone pilots. The agency requires drone pilots from all fronts, especially the ones that use recreational drones, to ensure that they operate the drones safely. 

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