DJI Market Share

Impact of China War Trade on DJI Market Share

The Chinese drone makers are in for a ride. One of those drone makers are DJI. The DJI Market Share has been severely impacted amid security concerns, rivalry of trade between United States and China, and a spot in the United States’ restricted list. So what does the future hold for the DJI market? Let’s see.

Impact on the DJI Market Share

Currently, the figure of the Market Share is around 70%. It is estimated to be the same for a year. The Apple Company has claimed that around 24% of the shares are claimed by them out of the overall smartphone market in the second half of 2020.

We also have Disney Company that have a market share of around 26% consisting of theme parks and resorts. Summing it up, a DJI Market Share of 70% was massive for the drone makers. Some German-based drone researchers looked into the market share in July 2020, in which all of the data was registered under Part 107 from January 2018.

As the Part 107 requires more than 0.55 pound weight of drones to be registered under their regulations, the data may exclude those drones who do not fall in this category and just get used by those passionate people who take it as a hobby. Market Share also got impacted once these Chinese drone makers decided to filter out those drones that cost more than $700. This figure is likely for those flyers that use drones as a hobby.

If we talk about the biggest constituent of the market share, it has to be the DJI Mavic Pro.  The Mavic Air 2 wasn’t successful in the market as it got into the market only a few months after DII had captured their data. However, DII considered it as box office. Afterwards, DJI have also created a product of their own i.e. DJI FPV drone which has had a huge impact on the DJI Market Share.


The drone hasn’t had a significant impact on the DJI Market Share. The market analysts find it strange considering the overall year DJI has had so far since the pandemic began. As per the American Drone Security Act, the United States banned the usage of Chinese drone via the government agencies. Furthermore, it has added DJI to the U.S restricted list until December 2020. As per the opinion of American citizens, they want to see the ban on DJI products.

This shows that even with a great market share, the DJI drone makers are struggling. DJI has quickly pointed that the impact on their productivity is because of the bad reputation after the accusations they have faced.

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