Ionic Status Quadcopter Drone – Review

We bring to you yet another quadcopter drone that is equipped with a GoPro camera. This machine boasts a six axis gyroscope stabilization mechanism. It is a certified ASTM, EN62115 and EN71. It is a medium sized device that offers plenty of eye-catching flying features.

Controlling the Drone

The quadcopter drone is integrated with a number of unbelievable features that render it enormously easy for drone pilots and especially the rookie dronies to manoeuvre it in the air. It features a headless flight mode that makes it easy for you to maintain its desired direction despite the orientation of its head. Moreover, the single key three dimensional roll function is a cool one and has been especially installed in the device to satisify the curious hunger of dronies who love to carry out aerial stunts. The single button roll makes the drone roll in the forward direction. Besides, the one key return to base functionality ensures that your device returns safely to the position of its takeoff in case of any emergency. This feature is now becoming quite a common one among the recently released drones these days.

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The Ionic Stratus Quadcopter drone is one of the only few and low cost machines that provide support for the GoPro Hero action camera. It includes the camera mount that can be used to attach the camera to the drone. A shock absorption mechanism ensures that no undesired vibrations affect the flight and the aerial photographs and video footages.

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The Ionic Stratus has been receiving decent reviews from fans. However, like all things good, it has a weakness. The battery takes a hell lot of time to get charged. Hence, the only solution is to get yourself an additional battery to prolong your flight duration.

Frequency: 2.4GHz

Flight Duration: About 10 minutes

Range of flight: 150 meters

Comments from the Web

  • The quadcopter boasts a high speed. So, make sure that you do not make it fly too fast lest it gets out of your control. Moreover, the device shows some good stabilization features.
  • The instructional manual is rather complicated one.
  • The mount given to get the GoPro action camera attached is quite shaky and not the best one out there.

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