Are GoPro Action Camera Useful

A GoPro is an action high definition camera that is used while capturing aerial video footage and images of extreme action sports. The key feature of this line of cameras is that they have been engineered to be mounted on other devices such as drones.

Waterproofing is another feature that makes them a super hit amongst fans. They can be attached with seamless comfort to gimbal brackets on drones. GoPro Hero6 Black is one of the high end gizmos of this series of cameras.

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Choosing the Best GoPro Drone

There are numerous options available when it comes to searching for drones that support GoPro action camera. Here are a few factors that should always be taken into account while purchasing the best GoPro drone.

Battery Life

The disappointing thing about drones is that they consume more battery energy in contrast to the GoPro camera so you should always prefer a drone with a longer flight time. There are some models that can have their flight time extended by inserting additional batteries.

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Camera quality

To be honest, GoPro quadcopters are best utilized in the professional environment. That is why image quality is the primary concern when purchasing them. If you get your hands on a drone without any inbuilt camera, then you get the opportunity to latch onto a camera with great resolution and image quality.

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Flight capabilities

The flight capabilities have to be the best for cameras drones so that the machine remains stable while you are capturing images. You need to consider the wide array of flight modes such as barrel rolls, 3D flips etc.

Support for GoPro

Support for GoPro action camera means that your drone should be tailor made for mounting it. You should be expected to do minimal tweaking to your drone’s frame and components in order to accommodate a GoPro action camera.

Majority of the drones are compatible with Hero4 and Hero 5 models along with other selected models. Having said that, keep in mind that mini drones boast a very sleek design and compact size and so will never be able to support a payload as bulky as a GoPro action camera.

Now, would you gamble getting your hands on a drone that does not offer support for a GoPro action camera to be tweaked and tinkered with to make space for the camera? The answer is an emphatic NO! It is always judicious to purchase a drone model that is compatible with the GoPro camera.


There are a couple of costs that need to be looked into at this point in time. First is the upfront cost that you have to pay while purchasing the drone and second one is the maintenance cost that will have to be paid while you use the machine.

A high end drone will certainly be expensive at the upfront but it is likely to serve you in the longer run. Having said that, if you are looking to get your hands on drones just to spend some leisure time, then it is prudent to purchase a drone that does not cost a lot.

The rule is to purchase a drone that is compatible with the GoPro camera and offers you splendid flight experience.

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The size of a drone is determined by the ultimate purpose for which you want it to be employed for. As a matter of fact, most of the drones come with folding designs or can have some of their components stripped off to shed some weight and make them lighter and sleeker.

When it comes to commercial videographers, size may not be much of an issue. However, if you are intending to indulge yourself in extreme action sports such as skiing, hiking or biking, then a small sized drone with a GoPro action camera mounted on it could be the way to go.

Integrated cameras versus GoPro

In this section, we have endeavored to compare the two kinds of drones to help you decide whether you should go for a drone with an integrated camera or the one that offers support for a GoPro action camera.

  • A drone with a GoPro camera can be used to capture extreme action sports such as snowboarding, skiing, hiking, biking and surfing. It becomes a bit complicated to capture video footages of such intense sports with conventional cameras.
  • Quadcopters with integrated cameras tend to capture landing paraphernalia or propellers in their video footage and do not offer any upgrades. The GoPro line of cameras includes some high end beasts that let you capture stunning aerial imagery with seamless ease.
  • GoPro drones let you capture video footage from the sky and then change the camera to your helmet mount with immaculate ease. Other cameras do not offer such high degree of customization options.
  • Most of the conventional integrated cameras do not offer real time video streaming, slow motion, high definition or immersive flight experience. A GoPro camera on the other hand lets you capture amazing aerial shots without having to spend a fortune.
  • Drones with mounting brackets can have issues with specific GoPro action cameras while those with inbuilt cameras can have compatibility issues as they come with stock cameras.
  • GoPro cameras can be detached from the drone and mounted on other handheld gimbals for capturing videos and images but this is not possible with traditional inbuilt cameras.
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