improving drone design

Latest Wingcopter design shows improving drone delivery

There are many drone deliveries that depart from the warehouse. However, recently, we have seen the ways of improving drone delivery as the drones fly to someone’s working place or office, drop off a particular product, and then return to their original location. After that, it gets a new payload before heading towards its next flight. This process carries on repeatedly. Now, as per the reports, there is a new Wingcopter design which may make the drone delivery process a whole lot easier.

What does the design mean for improving drone delivery?

improving drone delivery

As per the recent reports from Germany, Wingcopter has issued a statement where they have announced a new product, called Wingcopter 198. However, its design gives signs of improving drone delivery. Its triplet drone delivery mechanism allows the drone operations to become much more effective. It can be seen by the fact that it completes three steps in one go.

As per the reports, Wingcopter’s latest product is an electric-power, vertical-take-off-and-landing (eVTOL). These terms mean that its take off is like a helicopter. However, it converts into an airplane-like design for an effective flight once it is high in the air. This shows signs for improving drone delivery.

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The best innovation regarding Wingcopter’s latest design is that the drone can carry three individual payloads weighing 6 kilograms on a battery charge. It has the ability to take it as far as 75 kilometers.  This triplet mechanism is possible via the Wingcopter design because the product has a separate winch which allows them to lower the external payloads. In the previous product (Wingcopter 178), it only had one winch. If the drone is able to carry out three deliveries at one go, its not too bad for a drone efficiency.

Final Thoughts

We can see signs of improving drone delivery based on the fact that the Wingcopter’s latest drone product is automatic. They can easily be controlled via the company’s control station software.

Most importantly, we also have the detect-and-avoid software which uses artificial intelligence to detect any airspace surrounding the drone. This allows the drone to make the right decision regarding its surrounding.

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