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LinkedIn is one of the great platforms for anyone running a business and helps in networking and business-to-business marketing. Drone operators or drone pilots have around 28,000,000 users working in the UK and over 650,000,000 worldwide. LinkedIn provides online CV services and great tools for recruiters and headhunters but it is far more than when we use it correctly and efficiently.

In multiple sectors of the drone industry, there are thousands of people and companies you can connect with on LinkedIn. For example construction companies, insurance loss adjusters, surveyors, architects, and video production organizations. On LinkedIn, there are various groups you can easily join and get news and articles about a particular industry and make connections with people having the same interest as well.

Important Steps To Create A Profile On LinkedIn

As a drone operator, you must build your profile and make strong connections with people that there are some important tips and steps that will help you to build a presence on LinkedIn.

  • Sign Up To LinkedIn With A Company Or Business Page
  • Write An Overview And Proper Description Of Your Business
  • Add A Profile Picture And Banner Image Professionally
  • Reaching out And Connect
  • Connect With LinkedIn Groups
  • Always Be Active And Make Posts
  • Set A Goal And Create LinkedIn Ongoing Project

Sign Up To LinkedIn With A Business Page

It is a simple first step to making a personal profile on LinkedIn by creating a company page. There are a lot of pages related to multiple fields on Linkedin to guide you through it. You just need to click the small business option and put the basic profile details. A company page attaches to your profile or you can share your posts to your network.

Write An Overview And Proper Description Of Your Business

You can use your company page wisely and further use keywords like CAA-approved drone operator or anything relevant to your business particularly such as drone roof surveys. LinkedIn is a platform to sell your services and avail an opportunity to boost your business effectively, mention anything that is different, unique, and attractive about you or what you do.

Add A Profile Picture And Banner Image Professionally

Your LinkedIn profile picture should be more professional not like any Facebook or other social media picture. Professional does not mean that you have to wear a tie or a shirt but wearing and showcasing something decent. For example, a banned image would be like a shot of you holding a drone or drone controller or a shot of you wearing a polo shirt with your company logo would be a great example of a profile picture. In addition, a banner image is another thing to enhance your business and stand out from the crowd, and showcase what you do. You just keep in mind that your banner image should be according to your professional and specific industry-related skills such as construction, teacher, SEO expert, content writer, and so on.

Reaching out And Connect

Building connections is key to success on LinkedIn. Try to engage people you already know that could be other drone operators, industry persons, and people who have worked with in the past rather than just hitting the Connect button on a list of people. Don’t send requests to a complete list of people from a search on a Linkedin profile with a note. A nice and precise note adds an extra professional impression. For example, you can use such words. I am a professional drone operator working in the UK or any other country and it would be great to connect and keep in touch. When you enter “drone’’ in the LinkedIn search bar it shows you several suggestions to get you started and follow.

Connect With LinkedIn Groups

As with Facebook and other social media platforms, professional people not only create but also join groups related to their interests to share news and discuss and transfer modes. Just typing “drone” or “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles” will bring up several group options you can connect with. LinkedIn groups provide you extra credibility when someone searches your profile.

Always Be Active And Make Posts

 When you contribute and take part in group discussions, share your ideas, and provide good suggestions you will be considered an active member on LinkedIn. Do not make every post a blatant advert for your work otherwise, people will turn you off. You can offer or write posts about drones and can build your brand as a professional drone operator by offering informative content. Relevant and interesting images create good connections and increase engagement massively. Try to be active, make posts, and illustrate comments and updates.

Set A Goal And Create LinkedIn Ongoing Project

LinkedIn marketing is an ongoing process and long-term project for growing your business. You need to be more organized and punctual in setting goals like making two posts every week, so building a network of 200  connections will surely help to maintain focus and your interest. Just be active, grow your connections, build relationships and always stay in touch with what is going on in the drone industry.