Mail Delivery Drones

Mail Delivery Drones being tested in Switzerland

The Swiss Post in partnership with Swiss Mail Cargo and drone manufacturer Matternet is in the middle of testing mail delivery drones. However, the company said in a statement that the use of drones was not expected for the next five years down the line for postal delivery.

They believe that there are certain important aspects that need to be taken into consideration before the mail delivery drones become commercially viable. Some of these considerations include the regulatory frameworks and the limited battery lifespan that drones are so adversely affected by.

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The company however envisages that the drones could prove to be an asset for them in the express delivery of goods.

The delivery drones have four propellers each, emanating from the main frame while a yellow box is connected to the center for carrying goods.

The drones are connected via cloud computing that takes into account the terrain, weather conditions and airspace data. These drones are able to carry a payload of 1Kg to a distance of 10 Km in one battery lifetime.

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Final verdict on mail delivery drones

The prospects of mail delivery drones and goods to people at their doorstep are very bright in the coming future. The Swiss Post are the not first ones to test drones for delivering goods. UPS, last year, conducted research on this venture while tech giants such as Amazon and Google are also working on their individual drone delivery .

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