Military Drones for Sale

Lockheed Martin and Golden Atomic are the leading defense contractors that produce top quality, high-end military drones for the US military. Predator Drone is one the most technologically advanced contraptions developed by Golden Atomic. It is an unmanned aerial vehicle for modern warfare. Drone enthusiasts can only dream of flying such a stunning piece of technology.

Moreover, armed forces personnel are the only ones allowed to access a Predator drone for a sale. However, you can get your hands on tons of replica drone models that clone either exact appearance or the performance of currently used military drones by the military.

4-Channel Electric UAV RQ-1 63″ Radio Remote Controlled RC Spy Plane AR

This drone resembles the design of the legendary Predator drone and is a to-scale mimic. It offers intermediate complexity with regard to assembling, four servos and an Electronic Speed Controller. It is a perfect fit for drone enthusiasts who have a thing for collecting warfare related items. It boasts mimetic camouflage and is a popular device among experienced drone pilots.

It has a wingspan of 5 feet and is capable of carrying camera equipment. This makes it an ideal choice for dronies who are interested in flying military drones along with capturing some stunning aerial photographs and video footages.

Penguin B UAV Military Drones

This is yet another clone of the Predator drone and is a tremendous piece of technology. The military drones offer a massive flight duration of 50 hours. It can be launched from a moving car using a roof mounted system and is maneuvered by a specially designated computer system. You can also integrate an engine at its rear in addition to carrying out tons of other upgrades. This is one of the most technologically advanced and powerful machines available in the civilian drone market. It can be instrumental in conducting land mapping, surveillance and surveys.

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