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Military Reports says drone parts are still made in China

In the last few years, there have been a few emphatic calls associated with the US drone industry, most particularly coming from the US-based politicians and some drone industry leadership. The calls suggested that there should be a stop regarding the purchasing of drones or drone parts from China. However, a recent military report suggests that despite the prohibition, a huge percentage of parts are still coming from the Asian giant.

What does this military report mean for the drone parts in China?

drone parts

The 2020 Annual Report of Industrial Capabilities Report had a lot of things at their disposal to talk about. Regarding procurement and research related to drone parts, Deployment, Testing and Evaluation Procedures, the budget regarding drones is 3.2 billion in total for 2020. We break it down into 3 parts

This is one of the reasons why the Blue sUAS group is proving to be interesting and problematic at the same time. This group was given a responsibility regarding drone parts to partner with the numerous drone private companies which can build trusted drone systems for the DoD and other US government partners.

Final Thoughts

Summing, the US drone industry is seeing a resurgence in their market. Regarding drone parts, they have a huge interest coming from drone companies such as Skydio, which made both military-based and consumer-based drones like Skydio 2. Apart from that, we have also seen the DroneAnalyst 2020 Drone Market Sector Report, which states that DJI’s share in the market has dropped to 69%, which is 5% lesser than what it was in 2018

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