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Paint Your RC Car Body Like an Expert

Painting your RC car can be a great way to tailor it as per your preferences and to make it stand out of the crowd. In the beginning, painting the radio controlled car’s lid can seem to be rather intimidating and sometimes a rather futile job. This post will serve as a guide to help you paint RC car body without any hitch.


Trim the body to paint RC car body specifications

Firstly, place the body lid that is about to get painted on the car chassis just to see if the lid fits properly on it. Identify the areas that need to be trimmed or drilled and mark them with a marker so that you can drill them later for mounting purposes.

This will help you out in the subsequent steps and will prevent you from spoiling the paint. By trimming the body to the car specifications and modifying it, you will ensure that the paint finish is smooth and without any scuff marks that will need repainting. It is suggested that you use curved bi-scissors to make smooth cuts with no undesired edges that might trouble you later on.

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Sketch your design

Now, the body has been trimmed and mounting holes have been drilled where required to ensure that the lid fits snug onto the RC car chassis. It is time for you to sketch your paint design. You can still mark the mounting holes that you drilled earlier with the help of a marker since there is an invisible paint screen on the body lid. As the paint dries, you will be able to peel this veneer off with no marker residue left behind under the paint.

It is judicious to have the paint design in mind before you actually apply the blueprint for new paint scheme to the body lid. You can use various tools if you are attempting a rather complicated design. For example, if you want to construct a circle, you can grab a duct tape roll and use it to draw a circular shape.

RC Car Body

In case of any mistake, you can always remove the undesired lines with a small cloth sprayed with little alcohol. Your paint job design can be either symmetric or asymmetric. Symmetrical implies that the design on one side is repeated on the other as well. Asymmetrical means that the design will be different all around. A tape measure or some specific pattern can be used if you are vying for a symmetric design to make sure that the design lands up at the right places.

Wash the body lid properly

Once the paint design has been drawn, wash the body lid with some hand soap. Be careful not to disturb the markings made by the marker. Wash the body to ensure that there is no dust, dirt or grime left behind that might end up blotching the paint job.

sketch car design

Apply liquid mask to body and dry

Now, you need to get a can of liquid mask and apply to the upper and lower sides of the body thoroughly. At least two to three coats of liquid mask will have to be applied to ensure proper coverage. Brush each coat in a particular direction. Change the brush strokes in each of the coats

to ensure that the coating is as thorough as it can get. Liquid mask helps to portray where the paint design will land up. Now, let the liquid mask dry before you cut and remove it.

Remove the liquid mask

Use a hobby knife with a new blade and make cleaner cuts into the liquid mask using lighter touches. Cut along the paint design with great care. As you peel away segments of the liquid mask, ensure that only those portions are cut that have their appropriate pairings. For example, if the bottom portion of the RC car body is supposed to be black, cut and peel away all the black segments first. Cut and peel away the darker colors first and then the lighter tones. Similarly, when applying paint, apply the darker colors prior to applying the lighter ones.

Start painting the RC car body

Once the liquid mask has been cut and peeled away, it is time to begin painting your RC car body using the color scheme you want. Light coats are what you want since thicker ones will end up having the paint trickling down and becoming puddles of paint. This will spoil the texture and finish of the paint. Apply lighter coats until you get the desired color. Avoid stripping the paint, sand and reapplying the paint again and again.

By using smooth motions, make sure you cover the entire area and take your time to do so. Abstain from holding the paint in one location. Apply the paint until you find out that it has thickened up to the desired color. By the time the paints thickens up, several coats would already have been applied and the paint will pool and run which cause a lot of trouble.

sketch the paint

Coat each layer after some time so that the previous coating has dried up before you apply the new coat. You can identify by just looking at the coat if the paint has dried up. The fresh paint appears to be glossy while the dried up one seems like flat black or matte black. Add more layers of paint and work your way all around the body. Again, keep in mind that you have to apply the darker coats first and then the lighter ones.

You can purchase any RC car paint but any conventional spray paint would also work as long as you follow the user instructions for proper application of the paint. Some paints tend to last longer in direct sun and do not fade away. You can conduct extensive research in this regard to see which one suits you the most.

Apply thin clear coating

Once you have applied the paint with several coatings, you can apply another thin clear coat to the entire body lid. This will cover up the chips, dings and any other potential dangers that might harm the paint job. There are gloss or non-gloss thin clear coats available on the market which can add that extra protection to the paint.

Apply the decals

If your RC car kit came with decals and the paint has been left for several hours to get dried up properly, you can now apply decals to the body. They can be optional while there are a few folks who add them to give their car a specific feel and appearance.

apply apply decal on rc car

Final Words and Additional Information on paint RC Car body

Once the paint job has been completed and the decals applied, you can mount the body lid onto the RC car chassis and go for a ride out to impress your friends. If you know how to paint RC car body, you will find it extremely simple. It also tends to add that extra bit of flamboyance that you normally do not get from the stock paint designs and color schemes. You can also view this video tutorial on how to paint RC car body for more details and insight.

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