Dronebase Renewable Energy

Pilot’s Grandson invests in Dronebase Renewable Energy

There is some positive news regarding the Dronebase renewable energy projects, thanks to an innovative funding round. It is led by some special partners within the drone industry. Today, Dronebase issued a statement in which they declared the close of its Series C funding round. It contains $12.5 million of investment from Union Square Ventures alongside Upfront, Hurst, and Valor Equity Partners. The total funding is $37.5 million.

Investment in Dronebase Renewable Energy

Most importantly, one of the investors has a strong relationship with the drone industry. One of the first elected drone pilots is Neal Dikeman of Energy Transition Ventures. Dikeman claims that he had never imagined how unique and exciting his work regarding Dronebase renewable energy was after a few years of its making when he noted a college paper on a program.

One of the World War III Navy Drone initiatives called Stag One SATFOR, which created modern drone technological advancements, had just got publicized. Dronebase, a data analytics organization in the US, will use the funds to expand its work in the solar and wind sectors. Dronebase, which began as a drone pilot directory, currently has 80,000 drone pilots employed across 70 countries.

Dronebase Renewable Energy Sector- Stats

Even though a lot of work is associated with Dronebase renewable energy, numerous drone pilots have experience in use cases that ensure that their worksites, properties, and other platforms work appropriately.

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The recent development seems like the Dronebase renewable energy efforts could be exciting and reliable. According to a study from Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), offshore wind farms in European countries could create $1,000 per turbine per year. By doing this, they can save the electricity cost by 1%.

Other energy-based companies, such as Skypull and Makani, prioritize aerial solutions to support the renewable energy sector. As a result, we can expect further developments in the energy sector going forward.

What do you make of the trends surrounding the renewable energy sector? Is it worth the investment?


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