plus drone app

Plus Drone App

Discover drones flying in your neighborhood or all across the globe. Inform other drone pilots, particularly, Air-traffic about your flight territories. Public safety and awareness is a top priority!

Exquisite Features [Website: Plus Drone App]

Powered by both Android and iOS, the Plus Drone App is equipped with tons of splendid features:

  • Discover drones flying: You can identify all registered drones flying in your neighborhood on our map and safely navigate yours around them without having to login to the maps
  • Flying your drone: Let others know your flight trajectory, elevation and range. This information ensures your priority while allowing others fly safely as well
  • Handy pilot features: Weather forecast, Solar info, NOTAM and No Fly-Zones are four exquisite features that have been incorporated in our app to ensure your ultimate safety while you fly your beloved drone
  • Drone info: Plug in handy drone information such as model, elevation, range, fixed wing drone or rotor drone with number of rotors.
  • Private or professional: Let others know whether you are a drone hobbyist flying for the sake of fun or a professional enterprise flying to capture stunning aerial videos, inspect infrastructure or conducting surveys.
  • Other features: We intend to incorporate Satellite info, drone tracking with GPS and flight logs in the near future!


Here are the screenshots from our app!


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