Let’s Capture Stunning Selfies with These Top Selfie Drones

When everyone started going into a frenzy to take selfies, I must confess that they were the single most thing in the entire world that annoyed me the most. To be honest, all those seemingly famous girls got so much obsessed with taking selfies that the I lost my interest in the whole point of taking them. Having said that, as technology has progressed by leaps and bounds over the years, so too has the art and science of taking selfies. Everyone, nowadays, takes a fancy to taking selfies. This was probably not the case a couple of years back. Alongwith the selfies, the industry of selfie dronies has also seen a tremendous rise in its stature.

These selfie drones boast compact sizes and can be folded as well which makes their transportation seamlessly comfortable. Moreover, they include formidable cameras and are extremely user-friendly. Although they have recently started making a name for themselves on the market, there is broad array of these gadgets that can be bought by the drone enthusiasts. So, if you are someone who is looking out for selfie drones, then we bring to you a comprehensive list of the best drones available on the market in accordance with their price range.

Introducing Selfie 

If by some miracle, you happen to live in the stone age and have no idea what a selfie is, then you have landed at the right page. Selfie is actually a self-portrait image that has achieved tremendous acclaim among the masses over the past few years.

hover camera taking selfie

But for your kind information, selfies date back to several years in the past. Robert Cornelius was the first individual who took his own selfie way back in 1839 when he attempted a test photograph. At the back of the image, he scribbled, “The first light picture to have been captured ever. 1839”.

World First Selfie


Why Selfie Are Becoming So Popular

It was always going to be a matter of time before selfies gained popularity among people. In my point of view, the selfies became a rage ever since smartphones got equipped with high-end cameras at the front. Well, now, selfies are as common as you can get. People take selfies to capture moments of their lives that are to be cherished forever and ever. Selfies can be of a variety of types but we are just discussing about the more conventional one. We are not going to discuss any voyeur kind of selfies in this article. I do not think that selfies are linked to lovely faces and people in different costumes. I believe that a selfie should portray a decent location in the background and should be linked to a moment in your life that is never to be forgotten.

Selfie Gizmos 

Selfie drones are not the only selfie gizmos to have hit the shelves to much of your surprise. Selfie sticks were the first ones that gained tremendous popularity among people. As a matter of fact, selfie sticks played a huge role in ensuring that selfies became more and more popular among masses. So, I believe that selfie sticks happened to be the predecessors of the modern day selfie drones. Selfie drones have upped the ante in the game of selfies and we should pay our gratitude to technology for that.

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Attributes of an Ideal Selfie Drone 

If you are looking to purchase a drone that is best at taking selfies, then it is not an easy nut to crack. But let us share with you some of the basic parameters that should be analyzed in all the selfie drones and their presence is a must. When you set out to buy a selfie drones, you should keep a lookout for the following three attributes:


Camera is quite evidently the most important aspect of a selfie drone. If you are going to capture scintillating aerial video footages and images, then you’ve got to have a top quality image sensor. In accordance with your budget constraints, you should look out for gimbal cameras that are able to capture images and videos at Full High Definition or 4K Ultra High Definition resolution. Keep in mind that the common belief that a camera with higher number of megapixels is the best for capturing photographs is wrong. But still, you should look out for one with at least 12 megapixels sensor. Stabilization in another aspect that should not be compromised at any cost. Motorized gimbals ensure that your video footage remains free of any jerks during the flight and are a must have in a top notch selfie camera. A drone without a gimbal, will not serve you well in the long run.


Size is another factor that plays a crucial role in selfie drones. Remember that selfie drones can be folded in various ways ranging from propellers to their entire propeller arms. So, you should keep an eye on their folded as well unfolded sizes before deciding which one to buy.

Portability is an important factor that should be given ample consideration. Most of the devices that we are going to discuss with you in this post can be easily accommodated in one’s wallet. Your selfie drone should be able to reach the right place at the right time without any fuss.

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Flight duration

Control range is not as important for selfie drones as it might be for drones designed for other purposes. Having said that, remember that battery timings are of utmost significance when it comes to taking selfies since it could take frustratingly long to capture the right kind of selfie. So, if you have got a selfie drone that won’t last for less than 10 minutes, then you are in for trouble. At least 15 minutes of flight duration should be your aim when buying your selfie drone.

Top Selfie Drones

7 – ELF II 

ELF II is a perfect drone for beginners that requires minimum Do it Yourself effort. It consists of reliable kind of material that ensures it is longlasting and dependable. In addition, it supports First Person View and even Virtual Reality features that distinguishes it from the rest of the competitors. The Do it Yourself thing might discourage a few of the dronies out there but believe me, it is not as complex as you might think.

The quality of the camera, on the contrary, is not that good. The camera is 1 megapixel and records videos at 720p resolution. So, you should not be expecting top quality images and video footages. But it is good enough to help you enjoy FPV and VR features. Moreover, the ELF II is not the more conventional quadcopter. As a matter of fact, it is a hexacopter that sets it apart from its counterparts.

Having said that, the additional couple of propellers and motors do add a lot of value to the device when it comes to taking selfies. All in all, this device has been designed specifically for the beginners who are not interested in spending a lot of money to purchasing their selfie drone but still would like to enjoy the stunning features such as FPV and VR.

6 – Wingsland S6

 This is not one of those low cost selfie drones that has been designed with the novices in mind. It is a compact sized device that boasts a good quality camera and consists of formidable frame. It is a bit more expensive than the ELF II, but it boasts a number of advanced features that are worth spending more money.

First and foremost, it incorporates a high end 4K Ultra High Definition camera with WiFi application control. It includes some of the most advanced features such as Return to Base, follow me, orbit me around etc.

Are you worried that it is too heavy and won’t be portable with ease. Well, there is no need to be worried since it weighs just less than one pound. Yes, you are absolutely right: it boasts a flight duration of about 10 minutes and a control range of about 100 meters.

5 – Zerotech Dobby

You must have figured out till now that these selfie drones almost look similar to one another and the same can be said about Zerotech Dobby. It is a bright, white colored drone that can be folded and transported with seamless ease. It can be placed into your wallet easily but this is not the only thing that makes Dobby one of the most coveted selfie drones out there.

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Camera is something that can be considered a backbone of any selfie drone and this is a department where Zerotech Dobby will not disappoint you by any stretch of imagination. It includes an inbuilt 13 megapixel camera that will ensure that you capture some top quality aerial shots and selfies for your family occasions. What really makes this camera cooler than the rest of the pack is that it boasts features that are not available in other cameras. These include facial recognition and drone target tracking. These features make sure that you are able to capture the most decent looking selfies even if you happen to be bad at controlling the drone.

The battery, however, is able to provide a flight duration of just about 8 minutes while the control range of 100 meters is quite encouraging and is far better than that provided by others.

4 – Xiro Xplorer Mini 

Now, we enter the stage where we are going to talk about the leading selfie drones in the market. This drone has been developed by Xiro who came up with the Xiro Xplorer V; a device that boasted attractive features and came with a decent price tag. Now, they have come up with their selfie drone known as the Xiro Xplorer Mini.

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It does not let you capture videos at Ultra High definition but it lets you capture images at 13 megapixels Full High Definition along with a 190 degrees lens. It is compatible with both Android and iOS powered devices and also provides support for First Person View transmission.

Xplorer Mini relies on its dual navigation system based on GPS and GLONASS that adds great value to its visual positioning system. So, it boasts absolute precision during both indoor and outdoor flights. It also boasts return to base, single click media sharing and protection from lost connection features. Initially, these features might not appear to be of much value for you but once you buy this device, you will come to know that they are of vital importance.

3 – Yuneec Breeze 

Yuneec have entered the selfie drone industry with Breeze which offers spectacular features and an amazing design that is lightweight and is very easy to transport. Considering the price for which it is available on the market, it includes tremendous capabilities.

A small sized lens located at the device’s tip is actually a 4K UHD camera that is able to capture stunning aerial imagery. It boasts a flight duration of 12 minutes and a control range of a whopping 1 kilometer. In addition, it has an optimum speed of 35Km/h.

When studying its features in detail, you will come to know that it is a perfect selfie drone. It includes 5 smart flight modes that also incorporates the selfie mode and lets you capture some top notch aerial images and selfies. What’s more you ask: this drone weighs less than a pound and can be folded as well. This means that it can be stuffed easily into one’s wallet or a backpack and carried wherever required or desired.

2 – DJI Spark

 If you love the products manufactured by DJI, then you must already be familiar with DJI Spark. This amazing selfie drone was the centre of a lot of conjecture and speculation and was perhaps the most awaited drone to have been launched ever.

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This is probably the smallest drone to have been developed by DJI. Yes, it is even smaller in size than the DJI Mavic Pro. As far as the specifications are concerned, it is second to DJI Mavic Pro but still it boasts decent enough characteristics. I believe that this is yet another attempt by DJI to target customers looking for selfie drones. DJI Mavic Pro was initially intended to be their flagship selfie drone but since it boasted such a high price tag, it drove away the customers in hordes.

That is exactly why the DJI Spark was able to make a name for itself owing to its belligerent price tag and its tremendous specifications. It offers a flight duration of 15 minutes and a control range of 2 kilometers. It boasts a Full High Definition camera and could be the selfie drone of your dreams.

1 – DJI Mavic Pro

This is the best selfie drone that has been produced yet. It boasts top quality specifications and is located at the higher end of the price spectrum. It boasts a massive control range of 7 kilometers and an optimum speed of 65 kph. As a matter of fact, it is far more than just a conventional selfie drone.

For instance, with such a maximum speed, it can be used for casual drone racing in your backyard or in the local park. In addition, its massive control range ensures that it can also be used for surveillance and to ensure that no one intrudes your premises. It also incorporates top quality features such as Active Track and TapFly. These features assist the aircraft in autonomous flight operations and enable the pilot to focus more on the selfie and other aerial shots rather than flying the device.

This magnificent device comes loaded with collision detection and dual positioning system based on GPS and GLONASS technologies. Moreover, it also supports a whopping half an hour of mid-air-endurance which render this device a leading gizmo in the business.

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That’s it folks! If you are looking for a completely reliable drone that will provide you access to capturing stunning selfies as and when required, then this list will help you purchase the selfie drone of your dreams. You must have noticed the huge price difference between the top and the last drone which is almost about $1000. This price difference also goes onto show the difference in quality that these devices have. Nevertheless, the top four devices in this list are the best drones out there and will help you capture top quality aerial photographs and video footages.

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