Underwater Drones

Best Underwater Drones

With the help of underwater drones, you can get submerged into the great depths of water bodies that abound our planet Earth. These machines are loaded with sophisticated cameras that let the pilot view the surroundings in which these small-sized submarines float. The concept of submersible drones has transformed into reality thanks to modern technology. But these machines are placed at the higher end of the price spectrum as will be evident as you read through the post.

It is time to have a look at the best underwater drones of the year.



Being touted as the first hands-free underwater drone, the iBubble has been engineered to follow the pilot as he or she swims through the water while recording stunning high-resolution imagery on its own.

Underwater Drones

The company claims to have excelled in coming up with top quality, smart and autonomous submersible drones and opens an entirely diverse vistas of opportunities for enthusiasts as well as researchers to capture underwater scenes with action cameras such as GoPro action cameras.

Developed especially for scuba divers, the diving drone is just about the same size of a lifeguards’ floatation device and follows the scuba diver as a faithful dog while capturing scintiallting imagery. The pilot puts on a bracelet or a kind of leash on the wrist and can also summon the drone by pressing a specially designated button if he or she wants to use it as a camera or needs to take it to the surface of the water. The drone has control range of about 25m.

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Website: ibubble.camera


Underwater Drones

Equipped with the state of the art Deep Trekker patented pitching system for unparalleled control, the DTG2 is loaded with a high definition camera that boasts a 330 degree field of view for comfortable omnidirectional inspection and real time video streaming to the handheld controller. Offering a forward speed of 2.5 knots and depth ratings of 100m and 150m, the DTG2 is one of the best submersible drones available out there.

The machine is a reliable beast that comes in different variations. Its basic version called as the DTG2 Starter supports a depth rating of 50m with its tether and is equipped with a 770 ppi camera. The advanced version, DTG2 Smart, on the other hand, offers a depth rating of 75m and is loaded with depth and pitch sensors.

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Website: deeptrekker.com


Underwater Drones

Engineered for use by scuba divers, boaters, and those involved in underwater exploration, these are one of those underwater drones that boast a design that has been impeccably envisioned to offer optimal performance and enhanced usability in all kinds of situations. The versatile, hydrodynamically offset thruster design is one of its unique features that enable the drone to move at a fast pace through the water; thereby allowing the operator to inspect a certain region efficiently. It also enables the device to be maneuvered immaculately while focusing at a certain object or when confronted with untoward circumstances.

The off-center vertical thruster of the drone employs the exponential relationship of the drag force with velocity and enables the machine to pitch at fast speeds and hover or bring about variation in depth without pitching at low speeds, in much the same manner as a traditional ROV.

The Trident makes use of a neutrally buoyant tether to communicate to a towable buoy at the surface as radio waves do not propagate in water. The buoy, on the other hand, connects to the pilot via WiFi which in turn greatly enhances the control range of the vehicle while carrying out transects and search patterns as the need of a physical connection between the machine and the pilot is not required. The operator can connect to the buoy and maneuver the machine with the help of a tablet or a smartphone from a boat or even from the shore.

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Website: https://www.openrov.com

Fathom One: Underwater

Underwater Drones

Boasting a retail price of $600, the Fathom One is the cheapest underwater drone to have made it to our list. It is a simple, yet a sophisticated machine that is equipped with a modular thruster attachment configuration. It comes with three thrusters; two are located on the sides while there is a lone thruster at the rear end of the gizmo. The thrusters are detachable which allows for greater customization options, upgrade features, and portability. This also means that the operator does not have to stick to the thrusters that come in as stock. The operators can also go ahead with customized thrust modules. The company is also planning to come up with a wide range of tailored thrusters and auxiliary items as they fathom the fact that creativity stems from the explorers’ own minds.

Boasting an inbuilt rail system, the Fathom One also enables the operators to connect action cameras, additional lights and sensors with exceptional ease. The possibilities are simply unlimited with this amazing platform. The operators can tailor this unique machine in accordance with their needs and requirements as and when required.

Bundled together with a 100 feet line, the gadget can be tethered to a customized floating buoy; thereby allowing its comfortable return. The buoy has the ability to produce its own WiFi network which allows the pilots to connect to the network and maneuver the device while viewing real time video feed on their Android or iOS powered devices via their app from a range of up to 100 feet. The standard control range is about 100 feet deep and 100 feet away.

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Website: https://fathomdrone.com

JW Fishers SeaOtter-2

Underwater Drones

Offering a range of features similar to the SeaLion, the SeaOtter is probably not as powerful as the former. It is ideal for operation in areas with medium to low currents and is loaded with front and rear-facing color cameras boasting pan and tilt options. 220 lumen LED lights to illuminate the front camera while a ring of high-intensity LEDs illuminate the rear camera. Equipped with a 500 feet depth rating and a 250 feet cable, the system controls are neatly stacked in an impact-resistant encapsulation with a bright 10.4-inch flat screen monitor that is integrated into the lid. A small sized handheld controller is used to control the thrusters, cameras, and lights.

Availability: Available on Amazon

Website: http://www.jwfishers.com


Underwater Drones

Regarded as one of the pioneers in underwater drones, the company believes in forging the fastest, most intelligent, and low-cost machines in the market. The devices conjured by the firm are user friendly, powerful, and equipped to complete seemingly impossible tasks with ridiculous ease. The company claims of transforming cutting edge technology employed in land vehicles into sophisticated technology for submersible vehicles.

The company’s HydroView is a remote-controlled submersible vehicle that captures real-time video and relays it to the operator. The company has also created their state of the art iPad or laptop application which makes it comfortable for even the rookies to maneuver the device underwater with minimal training. The gizmo can be used to view the real-time video feed without any interruption, capture the video to share with your friends, and explore the depths of the ocean.

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Website: http://www.aquabotix.com/

Robosea BIKI

Underwater Drones

Claiming to be the first underwater bionic drone in the world, the gadget is the only submersible robot that is equipped with automated balance, collision detection and return to base features. It is loaded with a 4K Ultra High Definition camera and offers a crystal and crisp view of the surroundings. It may be the smallest in size but is integrated with state of the art technology that lets the operator view the world under the water from a completely different perspective. The drone in addition to be a prolific submersible device is also a pet brimming with sentiments. The operator simply has to tell the robot what to do and there you go!

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Website: https://www/mybiki.com

Power Vision PowerRay in Underwater Drones

Underwater Drones

Power Vision brings to you the incredible PowerRay Wizard Underwater ROV kit that lets the operator view the amazing world beneath the water. The kit includes the PowerRay vehicle and base station, a wireless transmitter/controller, batteries and chargers and a 64GB memory card. The bundle also includes a 210 feet tether and a PowerSeeker Fish Finder along with a drop line. We are not finished yet, folks! Yes, you also get a pair of ZEISS VR ONE Pluss Goggles which are compatible with your smartphone and offer access to the digitally immersive, live 3D video streaming that is being captured from underneath the water’s surface. The kit is easily portable and comes with a carrying case for comfortable and safe storage.

Availability: Available on Amazon

Website: http://www.powervision.me/uk/

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