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Skydio Drones getting integrated with tech and weapons

Axon is a formidable tech and weapons company based in the United States. Recently, it looks like it has plans to integrate Skydio Drones into their plans. The Scottsdale has announced their plans with the Silicon-valley based drone maker to integrate Skydio’s drones to drone rules and regulations through Axon Air.

What does the partnership mean for Skydio Drones?

As for today, you can get the Skydio drones associated with the Axon company. The Axon Device Integration will also be available in the later part of 2021. With this partnership, there will be numerous agencies who will be looking to visualize the Skydio imagery and share their data in the Axon digital management forum.

Additionally, another Axon platform, Respond for Devices, will allow the viewers to access live-streamed videos via on ground drone footage. There is another feature of Skydio drones called the Skydio 3D scan, which allows the scanning of photographs taken by the drones. They will also be working on the Axon products to go through the scanning of different crime situations or accidents in 3D.

Public safety remains the utmost priority for this partnership. Skydio drones will be working upon different situations such as traffic control, blind corners, crime scene management, crime investigations etc. This partnership is a huge boost for both Axio as well as Skydio as it has had a positive growth trend in the past couple of weeks, $1 billion valuation is said to be the figure.

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Summing up

As much as this partnership proves pivotal for Skydio drones, it also provides away for other American tech companies to join forces with Axon. The Skydio designs have the utmost priority regarding the Axon products whereas the Skydio X2 drone was also considered to be trusted by the Department of Defense as well as the sUAS drone program. There are many drone agencies that have expressed concern in the usage of DJI drones with regards to its privacy.

Do you feel that this partnership will prove to be significant? Do not hesitate about your point of views regarding drones and let us know in the comment section below.

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