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Pilots to undergo FAA drone recurrent tests in April

Regarding drone recurrent tests, you have good news if you a drone pilot. From next month onwards, you would not be required to take an in-person test to keep your Part 107 remote pilot certificate. As it was announced that the drone policy will change as per the regulations imposed by the Federal Aviation Administration, the demand to complete an FAA recurrent test for every 2 years will be replaced with the demand of completing an online training course. This will enable you to get a printable completion certificate.

Things to look into the FAA drone recurrent tests

The new version of the drone recurrent tests as well as the online training course on FAASafety. Until 5th April, the pilots with the Part 107 certificate must take a written recurrent test to keep their certificate status as active.  Just like the initial drone tests, the knowledge testing demanded drone pilots to secure an appointment at an FAA-approved drone training center. They must require 70% of the score to consider themselves eligible for drone flying.

After 6th April, the drone recurrent tests will not be a necessity anymore for the drone pilots. Instead, there will be online drone training courses for them to go through. Apart from the training courses, there will also be updated rules and regulations regarding flying drones at night.

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Once your online training courses are completed instead of the drone recurrent tests, you will be eligible to receive a digital completion certificate. You must keep it in your drone bag or CV in case you require any reference to prove your credentials.

Final Takeaways

The Part 107 certificates do not expire for the drone pilots. Even if you have problems regarding it, you may not need to undergo initial exams straight away. If your license has expired and you want to keep your drone certificate at all costs, you must take the drone recurrent tests. If you want any alternative, you can re-book your job on 7th April. This will allow you to save time and money while taking the test.

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