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We have developed a technique that helps us keep away sleep. We begin by having a thorough look at Reddit and go through all the blogs. We then have a look at YouTube and go through travel reviews and video blogs to check the fastest FPV drone. Cinematography is another thing that charms us. If still sleep is far away, we spend our time learning new tuning methods or the impact of arm design on thrust.

And all this stuff ultimately leads to Mini Quad Test Bench (MQTB). It is always astonishing to think the progress that has been made regarding the fastest FPV drone ever since the first DYS 2204 2300KV motors which were integrated on our ZMR 250 and we are proud that we still fly this awesome machine. It really is heartwarming to see such a large number of new models being introduced in the market by tech giants. Just to let you know, the X-Foot 2207 2600KV has completely left the competition behind with their first ever motor.

Thrust figures were really impressive since we witnessed additional grams of thrust. We all know that more grams of thrust, makes the drone go faster. MQTB measures the output of motor thrust in grams using a dynamometer for RC motors.

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The leading motors of the fastest FPV drone on the market generally initiate at 1100 grams of thrust with their optimum value at 1500 grams. The X-Foot motor starts at 1300 grams and goes to 1634 grams and hence becoming the fastest motor on the market. You must be dying to know more about this manufacturer!

We had to do a lot of research, join a private Facebook group and send a message to the owner of the company. Hans Turpyn is the owner of the company. In order to purchase the product, we had to go through quite a rigorous process to get the deal done.

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The owner believes that most of the manufacturers pursue the static thrust test which shows that motors with lower values of Kv perform better. In the real world, however, motors work dynamically and profit from a little extra value of Kv. The general belief is that lower value of rotations per volt produce higher torque.

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With the X-Foot, the manufacturers of the fastest FPV drone sacrificed some torque by trying out higher value of Kv (2600 instead of 2300) to get better top speed and it turned out to be successful. In order to save some money, Hans ships each piece of product individually via Facebook and PayPal

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