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Top Drone Light Show features Baby Yoda

The skies of Santa Monica, Calif showcased a top drone light show this month. The biggest news about it is that it has featured Baby Yoda. On the 20th May, the country celebrates the National Streaming Day. To mark this occasion, the government decided to stream the Disney show.

What to expect from this top drone light show?

The National Streaming day is somewhat interpreted as a commercial holiday to mark the occasion of the things getting streamed around the world. The products such as Spotify or Pandora have truly made their mark recently in regards to that. And now, Disney has come up with a top drone light show to promote the streaming services.

The streaming services that they were promoting were ESPN and Hulu mainly. However, looking how massive this show was, we will take anything that comes. You can watch the show again on YouTube (the video is shared above).

The top drone light show features all of the Disney and Disney-like symbols. Alongside that, the adorable Baby Yoda got recreated in a drone form. The other symbols in this show included a Captain America shield as a symbol of the Marvel Heroes, a baseball bat (ESPN) and a female from Handmaid’s Tale.

Final Thoughts

This was one of many times that we have seen Baby Yoda getting featured in a drone form. Last year, there was a photographer who used DJI Mavic Pro to create its image in the sky. The technique is called light painting.

Alongside that, this top drone light show is not the first time that Disney has used drones on this occasion either. They filled patents in 2014 regarding the innovative drone technology. In 2020, Disney filled a remarkable patent that was a massive advocate of flying robots in their exclusive theme park performances. In this, the drones will be active to respond to the environment or the actors part of it instead of relying on pre-planned flight programs.

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