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Ways of Dealing with an Overheated Drone Controller

If you are using a drone, there is a chance that you might also be using a drone controller at a certain point. It could be an external aspect of the entire drone, or it can be a smartphone or iPad. Where you are executing drone operations, such as mapping, or just doing live streams for your fans on Instagram, it can be difficult for you. Your controller can be using a lot of processing power, resulting in overheating.

When your device overheats, you will experience the following frailties

  • poor quality of video feed
  • cuts in video feed
  • low battery
  • warnings for cooling down the device

Make your Drone Controller stay cool

Nowadays, we have different cooling accessories to take care of your respective drones. For instance, X-Naut’s iPad cooling case is a collection of fans that contains low-noise technology to bring coolness to the iPad. The company also tends to sell the bracket of a drone controller, which can work well with Mobile Device Holder for DJI Phantom and Inspire products.

X naut

You can attach the bracket at the back of X-naut’s Active Cooling Mount for iPads. Let’s see how the X-Naut’s iPad cooling case works. It has a beneficial cause for a drone controller. There is cooling within the iPad device when air circulates within the device. Therefore, the most effective cooling cases have difficult executions of breathability. For searching the vented case design, 4 low-noise 26 DBA cooling fans help in the redirection of airflow around the iPad.

Why this development may cost you money?

drone controller

If you overheat your drone controller, it will destroy drone technology. It will cost a huge range of business opportunities and will cost you a lot of revenue. There is no excuse for your smartphone or tablet for not working well in difficult situations. Therefore, an option like cooling can guarantee device performance for the most difficult flights in critical temperatures. 

However, you must note that not even cooling comes cheap these days. The expenses depend on your smartphone or iPad. However, you may expect to pay at least $200. 

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