Singapore UTM Trail

What happened in the Singapore UTM trail?

The 3-year Singapore UTM trail has just run its final course. The trail, which was run by a partnership of two companies i.e. OneSky and Nova Systems and it had all the makings of being a great success in the coming future. The success can be seen from the fact that it was able to make a system which is associated with air traffic control.

Events of the Singapore UTM trail

Singapore UTM Trail

UTM is not a walk in the park for everybody.  It includes the mobility of multiple parts, such as the partnership between the federal government (as we saw in the Singapore UTM trail), cross-platform technology capabilities and many more. The aspects of UTM that were tested, which are yet to be launched in the other parts of the world, are mentioned below:

  • Authorization
  • Deconfliction
  • Conformance Management
  • Quick Updates
  • Constraint Handling
  • Inter-USS interpretation

Singapore UTM Trail

As the Singapore UTM Trail project got initiated in October 2018, we saw two suits of flights taking place in the mid of 2019. Apart from this, there was also a study being conducted regarding the operational suitability of the 4G and 5G networks. This was to ensure the safety support of the UAS drone operations.

Earlier this March, we saw the final demonstration of this trail taking place where we saw a mixture of live flights and simulations. They showed the ways to manage the drones flying beyond the Visual Line of Sight. The developments and improvements show that the Singapore’s UAS industry has a lot to be optimistic about in the coming months and years.

Summing up

The Singapore UTM trail is history. However, there is a lot to come from the UTM testing. In the final months of 2021, we can expect to see the launching of Maritime Drone Estate. This launching will enable the drones to get tested for the maritime applications.

Both the companies have stated that they are eager to work in the long run with the authorities and key industries to work on the innovative technological advancements to make this system.

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