Workhorse SureFly

Workhorse SureFly – A Two Person Passenger Drone

We are hoping good for Workhorses’ highly anticipated electric truck. This is going to be a revolutionary device that is expected to enhance the reach of electric vehicles to light duty utility trucks. Well, it still is going to take at least a year for this phenomenal device to hit the shelves. Let’s discuss another of Workhorses’ splendid products which is called as Workhorse SureFly.

What is Workhorse SureFly?

Workhorse SureFly is a passenger drone and a VTOL aircraft that has been designed to serve as a substitute for helicopters. Passengers can use this machine to make their short distance travels with no fuss at all. What’s really cool about it is that it can be used to fly between different cities and as news are coming through, between different states as well. Having said that, with a limited range of just 70 miles, it will cover even lesser distance than that covered by the conventional helicopters. So, this is not going to be a compatible alternative to a chopper unless you agree to stop after every 70 miles to get it recharged again for another stint.

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Similar to their electric truck, the Workhorse SureFly boasts a hybrid design that is a blend of electric motors and a gas piston engine. Each propeller is run by eight electric motors while the battery system is charged up by the gas engine whenever the batteries start running out of juice. This technology allows SureFly to attain an elevation of 4,000 feet and an optimum speed of 70 mph. These capabilities make it almost similar to modern day choppers that boast a maximum speed ranging from 80 to 100 mph.

Features of SureFly

For safety purposes, each pair of motors and propellers run independently from all the other pairs. So, even if one or more of the pairs stop functioning properly, the device will still be able to continue working despite multiple failed propellers and motors. The backup battery system adds another layer of security while the ballistic parachute is ready to deploy and land the drone in case of any untoward circumstances. Moreover, redundancy has been added to the computer system as well. So, the manufacturers have tried to cover all the bases making sure that fail-safe approaches are employed.

In contrast to the other passenger drones, the Workhorse SureFly is not an unmanned aircraft system with autonomous flight features. As a matter of fact, it needs a pilot to be always present in the cockpit so there is room for one passenger only in the two-seater drone. To be honest, Workhorse are basically promoting this drone more as a traffic-free cargo delivery vehicle as opposed to a passenger vehicle.

The engineers have made concerted efforts to ensure that Workhorse SureFly is lightweight so the fuselage and propellers are made of carbon fiber. However, it still weighs around 1,100 pounds which is quite substantial and implies that the machine cannot be pushed aside if it accidently lands at a wrong place. Yes, you have to take it off, fly it a bit and then land it at the right spot.

SureFly Designs

The drone has been designed to be parked in driveways and so it comes with foldable blade arms. This design makes this drone as wide as the current Sport Utility vehicles and pickup trucks when the blade arms are folded. Unfortunately, Workhorse SureFly cannot be landed onto the bed of a pickup so it cannot be parked into the garage.

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The company is taking preorders for this beast. It is expected to be available for sale for about $200,000. Pre-order here.

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