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Ontario continues to work on inaugural drone delivery

The inaugural drone delivery operations in Ontario continue to grab the headlines. Despite being a small city, Ontario is referred to as a ‘smart city’ based on its location and its credentials in the drone market.

Future of Inaugural Drone Delivery in Ontario

A smart city is a term that is associated with those cities in which federal government and private sectors are collaborating to improve certain facilities regarding the inaugural drone delivery. Those facilities include the accessing of digital information and data to become an environmentally connected drone community. 

drone delivery

The initiatives can change as per the rules and regulations of the city. However, most projects require a free Wi-Fi facility, a formidable water meter, and COVID chatbots. In Ontario, the stage is set for the testing of inaugural drone delivery operations. A shopping center called New Haven Marketplace is taking part in the drone operations as numerous items of it getting sold in its physical stores can be easily transferred to the residents. 

The flights are conducted by DroneUp, a drone service provider. They have taken part in other high-profile operations, such as partnering with Walmart to transfer drone deliveries of goods to homes in Bentonville, Arkansas. The conduction of these drone operations is bringing optimism within the drone enthusiasts as they believe that there is a lot more to come regarding these innovative projects.


Ontario is a very interesting city regarding the testing of inaugural drone delivery operations because it has a major airport, Ontario International Airport. Alongside that, the airport provides an opportunity for the city and Airspace Link to interact with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The collaboration with FAA will encourage more airspaces to support drone flights through LAANC

If the drone deliveries start working, Ontario will have problems in hiring. According to Brad College, California arguably has the highest number of drone pilots with an estimated 56 drone pilots per thousand residents.  

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