15 Top Rated Gifts and Best Toys for One Year Old Boy

That a very bewitching period when your little became one year old, he can move, crawl and sit on his own. Everybody is excited for these precious moments. Your little kid must be having toys that are suitable and safe to use for babies, however. Now you little need new toys. You must be searching for new toys and clothes. Right?We know it sounds easy to choose a perfect toy that your little kid loves to play with. Therefore we have prepared a list for best gift ideas for one-year-old little kid. Give it a skim, and you must be selecting one from these.


HABA Snug-up Doll Luis

At this age, little kids need a play a toy that is comfortable to carry around the house. HABA Sung-up Doll Luis is 8 inches tall and weighed 10 ounces that make it easy to play and handle. Little kids can place it in a sitting position and play with it as they want.

Its is washable. Moreover, it is soft and cuddly wearing blue-green clothes that attract kids to play with it.

Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

When you are looking for a toy for your little kid or a gift, you would want a toy that helps kids to learn something new while playing. This Munchkin toy plays various sounds that a kid would enjoy making playtime more fun.

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The design, colour scheme etc. everything is excellent. Your little kid presses the buttons on sides and listens to the music. While playing his logic and cognitive functions improve.

VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight

This toy is a complete package for your little kid. While playing your little kid can learn colours, numbers, music sounds, 50 different songs, phrases and flashlight. All these features will entertain your little kid, along with improving cognitive skills.

VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube

If you want your kid to be smart and progress faster, this toy is the best choice. Each side of the toy contains mini-games, geometrical shapes or animal sounds. Hence It engages and entertains your little.

Play22 Baby Blocks Shape Sorter Toy

Play22 comprises of 18 different shapes in different colours with 18 blocks that adjust it correctly. Playing with this toy can improve kids learning and recognition of shapes and colours. It is made up of 100% safe plastic.

LeapFrog My Pal Scout

You want your one year kid to learn numbers, letters, music, animal sounds and words. This toy has all with low energy consumption. The toy has buttons on each paw that plays those animal songs, music, letters etc. It looks like a teddy bear which is soft and kids will love to cuddle with.

Non-Skid Socks for Baby Boys and Toddlers

If you run out of toy gifts for one-year little kid, you could gift him Non-Skid Socks. These socks provide little kids grip on slippery surfaces. Moreover, the child learns how to walk safely.

Munchkin Squirtin Bath Toy

Munchkin Squirtin toys can be added in bath time. Although bathtime is enjoyed by both parent and child; however, by adding toys, your child will enjoy it even more.

The toy set contains eight different waterproof and vibrant coloured animals that are entirely kid-friendly. You little can recognize animal voice and names or make water bubbles while playing.

Munchkin Lazy Buoys Bathtub Toys

Your kids want to play and enjoy while playing, maybe he wants a partner to. This penguin toy serves both the purposes. It contains two penguins, two scoops, one spinner and strain cups all are amazing and colourful. By adding it to a bathtub, the kid would play and relax.

Bumkins Disney Mickey Mouse Bib

Little kids need stylish bibs that are extremely easy and comfortable  So if you ran out of toy idea this is a good idea.

Bumkins Dinsey Mickey bib is odour, stain-free and easy to wash. It will guarantee that clothes remain stain free. Most important is its easy to wear that makes your kid would love it.

Waterproof Silicone Bib Food Crumb Catcher

If your baby does not love the bib, he has tried a new one. This bib is waterproof and comes in two colours that are red and blue. It assures you that spilt food or liquid don’t create a mess or absorbs that wets the child’s clothes because it contains a curvy apartment that doesn’t allow food to stick on baby clothes or falls on a surface. When a baby is done with food, wash it with soapy water and its ready to use for the next feed.

Bright Starts Snuggle Teether

Little kids start to grows in this period. This is a great time to gift your baby a Teether so that it helps in the teething period. It is made from the best quality plush material that is great for nibbling and snuggles.

Nuby Soothing Teething Mitten with Hygienic Travel Bag

If your baby teethes is appearing to go get him a toy that makes teething enjoyable. This is a mitten having front side is uneven, thick and soft made of a safe silicone which makes nibbling interesting. It is a creative design that kids wear and enjoy. It comes with a protective hygienic travel bag.

ZOEREA Baby Boy Gentleman Outfit

ZOEREA outfit can be an excellent gift for a gentleman to wear on a special occasion.  It includes extended length selves, beret, a tie, and a vest.

Jumpsuits come with detachable suspenders that are easily unbuttoned. This is an outfit that is cosy, comfortable and made from 100% cotton.

This is What an Awesome One Year Old Looks Like Bodysuit

This is a bodysuit that is 100% cotton ranges in a variety of colours. It is a perfect gift on little kid birthday as it comes with a bunch of birthday stickers. It’s cosy and comfortable to wear.

How to Choose the Best Gifts for One-Year-Old Boy?

Regardless of what number of toys kids have, you must be thinking of a new one. However you wonder what must be the best gift for one-year-old. Here is a list of toys that you pick and be on the safe side, saving your time. It includes toys for both play and bath time, along with some teeters and suits.

While picking a gift, make sure to take a kid’s enthusiasm for thought rather than merely assuming what may be engaging for him. Despite the fact that it appears to be that one-year-olds don’t have inclinations with regards to a kind of blessing, they do create interests and right now have their most loved toys. In the event that you notice that a specific model grabs their eye more viably than others than that is the kind of toy to concentrate on.

Search for quality in design and make certain to pick a toy that has purposes other than that of engaging the kid. Toys for little’s of this age ought to energize them and develops psychological aptitudes or in any case, be valuable regarding their brains of physical development.

Additionally, while picking a present for a young kid of this age, it’s imperative to search for plays with lively and splendid hues. Abstain from picking hues like dark, dark or else anything that is dull from the start sight. The toy should have the option to brighten them up and support the advancement of positive feeling.

Criteria We Used

While making this rundown of presents for a 1-year-old kid, we had at the top of the priority list three things: educational, safety and engaging potential. Indeed, even as youthful as 1-year-old, your kid can become familiar with a ton and progress both intellectually and truly while making some great memories. In any case, regardless of how thirsty children are for new information, abilities, and experience, they won’t get a lot if the toy doesn’t have the features required for learning and development.

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Safety is the most significant component of a toy on our rundown must-have. A toy can be engaging and can show your kid several vital abilities, permit him to assemble centre quality or work on engine capacity and hand coordination. However, if it’s not safe, we excluded it in our rundown. This implies the toys are kid-friendly, produced using regular or in any case non-harmful material, don’t have sharp edges or smidgens that can be gulped, and so on.

Other than being protected, toys that we prescribe ought to have the option to support improvement and train your kid letters, numbers or else whatever is considered as a vital for learning at that period. On the off chance that playing with the toy stimulates the brain in any capacity, so the kid grows appropriately, we’ll suggest it.

Quality of a toy permits engagement, creating innovativeness through play, which is significant expertise, critical for tackling complex issues. Toys like this are engaging and save their consideration for a lot of time.


How will these toys help my child grow?

They can train you kid letters, how to count, use rationale and innovativeness to take care of complex issues, increment centre and confidence and significantly more. Contingent upon the model of the toy, your kid will develop intellectually or genuinely or chip away at the two parts of advancement.

Will I realize my kid is advancing and gaining from these toys?

After a brief time of collaborating and playing with specific toys, you’ll notice a significant change in your kid’s conduct. You may see an expanded centre, persistence, confidence, jargon, better deftness, engine work, and numerous other positive qualities.

Are these toys sufficiently sturdy?

Not just that they will go on until your youngster grows out of them, however, they are additionally for all intents and purposes difficult to break or harm. They are made of great material, yet it’s their structure that permits them such sturdiness.

Is it ahead of schedule to begin with instructive toys?

It’s never to ahead of schedule to begin setting up your kid for kindergarten or preschool. in case you’re stressing that you’re showing your superfluous kid exercises before it’s required, don’t be. Learning creatures, numbers, and letters can assist them with drills and exercises they’ll experience later in preschool and school. 

What’s viewed as a moderate development for a year old kid?

Young boys, as a rule, grow more slowly than young girls in certain viewpoints, and the other way around. Young boys will, in general, create engine work quicker and abilities that are identified with physical collaboration. Then again, young girls are more proficient at language improvement as this is viewed as more significant expertise for them.


This age for little kids is vital to learn and grow with learning new things. We have picked the toys which aid kids to learn and develop. Besides this, the toys we recommend are safe to play with having premium quality material.

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