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Top Reasons that Make Drone Racing a Thing of the Future

Last August, drone racing was introduced as the future’s leading sport after its live broadcast by the worldwide leader in sports, ESPN. Drone racing industry benefitted greatly from this tremendous sports event. ESPN’s backing for the nascent sport means a lot. All the passionate drone enthusiasts in the world would have switched onto ESPN and this in turn would have told the sponsors that there was yet another great avenue in the making that could change the future of sports in the world in the days to come.

There are skeptics out there who would have their own qualms, misgivings and suspicions regarding the success of drone racing on the television. Commentators are of the view that sports racing owes its birth to YouTube and that is the only platform where its actual area of marketing should lie in. Having said that, there are a number of people who are keeping their fingers crossed in anticipation of drone racing racking up huge numbers of fans and becoming immensely popular around the world gradually but surely.

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Once an event gets coverage via a renowned broadcaster, its probability of getting hit with the audience increases astronomically. Let’s not waste any more time and get straight to business, which is to ascertain why people should keep a close eye at drone racing industry:

drone industry


Keep a close eye at drone racing

Do you remember that era when Major League Baseball ruled the roost? Everybody seemed to be glued to the television set for all the big matches? I was lucky enough to be a part of the Major League Baseball (MLB) and can still recall the amazing moments that brought goosebumps to every aficionado. Each and every game of the event was absolutely jam packed with fans dancing in the aisles, their ball caps on, faces painted and holding banners littering with enthusiastic slogans.

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These days MLB has been replaced by the National Football League. The fans were greatly attracted by the harshness and violence involved in the game. Some of the veterans of the game tend to refer to it as “touch football” as more and more players of the game are getting desperate about how the game is being run by the league. As a matter of fact, quite a few of them have even voiced their concerns publicly. Consequently, ratings seem to be taking a hit in terms of fan following and financial stakes.


On the contrary, NBA is taking over from NFL as a sport of choice for the average American fan. It has emerged as a game that is simple to understand and has no fuss about it. So, here we can see a pattern, right? Baseball used to be on top at some point in time in the past, it was then substituted by NFL and now NBA is threatening to become a major sport in the country. There will come a time when even NBA won’t be able to maintain its popularity. So, this proves my point. The only thing constant in this world is CHANGE!

As times pass and our society becomes more and more mature, our interests and inclinations change. So, there might come a time in the future when the sports will be replaced by drone racing as a first choice option for the average American fans.

The prospects might seem a bit bleak right now but could any one have guessed that baseball would be run over by other games such as NFL and NBA in the time to come? No! Nobody even predicted that it would be such a brutal takeover!

Television Experience is Evolving

People seem to have switched onto YouTube with television taking a backseat in people’s lives. However, as virtual reality is becoming the new normal in our lives, television experience is likely to get its crown back in the near future. Television channels have also taken up the opportunities provided by YouTube and even broadcast their live streams to the world famous video hosting website.

YouTube video

This means that the television is in serious competition with YouTube and will definitely have to provide a unique experience to viewers to prevent them from switching over to YouTube and cancel their cable package purchases.

Drone racing is based on First Person View technology. So, television channels can leverage FPV goggles to provide a scintillating television experience to their viewers by connecting the goggles via Bluetooth or some other technology. Who knows it could change the whole perception of entertainment? Incorporating FPV goggles in the television sports and entertainment experience would certainly be an experience worth having a go at in the future.

This could provide them an experience as if they were part of the sport themselves. Similar to online video gaming, a FPV experience could change the future of television sports and entertainment industry in the blink of an eye.

Transition to a new generation

As the world evolves, one has to keep pace with the world or be ready to be left behind. So, that basically implies that one has to be on one’s toes all the time and never become complacent.

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We must learn our lessons from the past that people and their interests change with time. Ever since computers have been introduced in our lives, we have been at the receiving end of incredible paradigm shifts that seem to boggling our minds with every passing second.

Drone Racing

Inclinations and innovations are what drives the new generation mad. In the days to come, I believe that we will be able to carry out unimaginable physical tasks with the power of our minds. As days pass by, the physical strengths and hand eye coordination that are considered such a great asset these days, will become a thing of the days gone by. Drone racing, video games, robotics and other novel ideas that are yet to be given birth will become the new normal as they will provide people with great opportunities to earn big bucks.

So, if you have knowledge about the new sports such as drone racing in the future could win you important posts in multinational companies. Drone racing definitely seems to be getting bigger and bigger with every passing moment.

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