15 Top Rated Gifts and Best Toys for 3 Year Old Boys

Now that your baby has developed crucial skills and can walk around, he wants to explore and learn on his own. He acquired essential skills; you don’t need to worry much because he has a sense which thing is going to harm him.
The best way to help him in developing and growing with progress is by right gifts that are educational toys.

However, finding a perfect toy that serves both purposes to give playing joy along preschool lessons is difficult. You have already read toys for a two-year-old kid now, you’re your child is three, and his toys collection must be increased. It’s exigent to opt a premium quality toy. Isn’t it? Luckily, we have researched fifteen quality toys that are designed for three-year boys. These toys will help your toddler in acquiring preschool lessons. Moreover, choosing the best toy promotes mental and physical development. We have discussed the educational benefits along with the durability and quality of toys. Now you have to pick one from them to make a special occasion like birthdays more memorable.


Electric 12V Kids Ride On Car Truck Wheels Music with Fun Trailer Remote Control
Electric 12V Kids Ride On Car Truck Wheels Music with Fun Trailer Remote Control
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 Skoolzy Rainbow Counting Bears

Teaching your three-year kid to recognize colours, shapes, and counting is never easy with Skoolzy Rainbow Counting bears and sorting cups its way more manageable. Its package comes with six multi-coloured bears and cups. Kids can easily recognize colours, learn math and numbers. By gifting him, this toy will open new ventures for preschool lessons.

Plasma Car by PlaSmart

If you are looking to gift your toddler, a bike that is safe Plasma Car is the best choice. Plasma car is lid friendly having five wheels that makes it stable. It is designed without pedals and runs without battery. It is used either indoor or outdoor; however, its good to use it on smooth surfaces. Kids will enjoy riding while developing hand and eye coordination.
Plasma Car is easy to dismantle and can be stored. Wrenching the bike is easy and instant.

 VTech Drill & Learn Toolbox

VTech Drill and Toolbox comes in the category of construction toys. If your kid loves playing with machinery toys, this toy is a good pick. It features electric toy drill, screwdrivers, hammer, and wrench and nails all made from quality material. Kids can learn how to assemble gadgets hence developing cognitive and motor function.

Roll-up Height Chart Tree – a Memento For Life

Your kid is growing taller and to show him this, gift him Talltape. Premium-quality polypropylene plastic is used in making Talltape for easy draw and mark. It is portable and comes with a fitting tube to fit it. It’s easy to use and store. It helps to enhance confidence and develops self-esteem.

Prextex Realistic looking Dinosaurs

Prextex Realistic toy set is a perfect gift for kids who loves Jurassic Park. It features 12 dinosaurs of different colours and details. The toy set comes with an illustrated book which makes it easy for a kid to learn about species, behaviour and diet of dinosaurs. Moreover, it promotes role-play and imagination. This toy set is made from durable and quality material.

 12V On Car Truck with Remote Control

Are you wondering for a classic gift for your kid?
12V Ride is a single-seat jeep that can be operated with steering or from remote. This jeep is safe and can be driven on any terrain type. It is offered in quite a few colours with an adjustable seatbelt.


Wheel Chopper Trike Motorcycle

If you little kid is fond of biking surprise him by gifting this bike on a birthday. It’s a three-wheel chopper bike that is operated with 6V battery so don’t need to worry about charging. The bike can attain 3mph trilling speed while keeping kids safely strapped. It can go on any terrain.

LEGO DUPLO Town Truck & Tracked Excavator 10812

Show some love to your little one by picking some exceptional construction toy set. This LEGO set features 26 pieces along with an excavator truck and truck with lifting platforms. All the collection is made from kid-friendly material and is highly entertaining.
It can run on the beach, playground, back yard or in-home. The three-year-old kid can learn motor functions.

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VTech PJ Masks Super Gekko Learning Watch

If you little three-year-old is tech enthusiastic go and buy this VTech PJ Watch. If you are going to, but an apple watch for your little doesn’t waste money on that buy this unique watch. It features a timer, stopwatch, four games and PJ mask clock faces. With these fantastic features, kids will learn and explore without getting bored.

Paw Patrol Chase’s Spy Cruiser

If your kid enjoys role-playing gift him this toy set on his special occasion. Paw patrol chase set features a chase figurine, spy van and a detachable drone. You can complete his nickelodeon collection by collecting all figurines. The incredible thing about this toy is it doesn’t need any battery to run, and a kid can use in either indoor or outdoor.

Paw Patrol Rocky’s Recycling Truck

Paw patrol collection has a fantastic recycling truck toy that promotes creative playing. It features a Rocky recycling truck; your kid can lift anything that comes in the way. Your kid will enjoy various adventures while playing with it. It is painless to clean it and have quality design.

Paw Patrol Marshall’s EMT Ambulance

If your kid is adventurous, the get him Marshall EMT Ambulance. This ambulance has a hidden compartment for transportation that can reveal from the door on the back. Your boy can transport anything in this secret compartment. This unique toy can go on any track. Everything in this set runs without any battery—moreover its made from durable premium material.

Playskool Heroes Transformers

Does your toddler love to watch transformer? If yes, Definitely he will love robots. This gadget has to transformability from a police car to a robot in minutes. It features a wrenched arm, in car mode, it is used for removing obstacles, and in combat, the method serves as battle foes. Your three-year boy can play with friends. The toy is durable that promotes role play and creativity.

CNBABY Boys Luminous Astronaut Pajamas

If you don’t want to gift your little a toy invest in kids PJs. This Pj set is a good addition in your kids closet. This Pjs suit is a 100 per cent cotton made Astronaut sleepwear. It is elastic, comfortable and is machine washable.

Star Sky Night Lamp

If your child has a fear for dark choose gadgets that help him to cope with this fear. Star Sky Night Lamp is the right choice in this scenario. It features cosmos mode, playtime lights, timer and variations in lights mode. It can help your child to fall asleep without fear creating a soothing atmosphere.

How to pick the Gifts for 3-year-old child?

There are many aspects to look in when trying to find three-year kids toys. Toddlers of this age learnt some crucial skills. They’ve figured out how to talk, walk, and comprehend the fundamental ideas like circumstances and logical results. The way that your little one can communicate feeling and thoughts permits you to monitor his reasoning’s, right and acclaim specific kind of conduct. It additionally helps you to see his inclinations and get toys that go well with his preference, need and age.


If you saw that your kid had created enthusiasm for musical instruments or racing toys, at that point, you should uphold those interests and push him the correct way. Doing so will strengthen your relationship as including more loved toys his assortment.


Another significant thing to focus on when searching for toys is solidness. Children of this age, particularly boys, will, in general, get ill-humoured and dissent by slamming toys to the ground or basically by indicating an absence of duty regarding them. That is actually why you should focus on quality toys that are produced using quality material.

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Recommended Age

Little children develop so quickly, which is the reason you should focus on toys that can be utilized for later use. Rather than getting them toys for their age bracket, it would help if you searched for toys that are suggested for three-year-old or more. Doing so, they will get the advantages of utilizing toys for that age. Likewise, you’ll limit the number of toys in him significant room.

Standards We Used

While accumulating a rundown of endowments that are suggested for young kids of 3 years old, we ensured that a specific condition was met as far as their instructive just as engaging potential, yet additionally quality and safety.


Even though kids of this age have created pivotal abilities and have advanced from numerous points of view, they despite everything have a great deal to go. That is the reason he will, in general, keep toys that are instructive on our rundown. The preschool period is practically around the bend, that is the reason our list of toys will give them preschool exercises like essential math, letters in order, and substantially more.


Playtime carries significance for kids; it permits them to create creative mind, inventiveness, and figure out how to take care of complex issues with rationale and practical reasoning. We are much aware of this and realize that an ideal approach to learn is through playing in playtime. Toys on our rundown are exceptionally engaging and will keep your kid energetic for a considerable period.


Additionally, it’s very significant that the toys are produced using kid well-disposed material and that the structure makes it alright for a child’s use. Toys that don’t have sharp edges and little pieces that can be put into the month and are dangerous.


These are probably the most habitually posed inquiries concerning the toys on our rundown. It’s an ideal approach to discover first-gave about their quality, highlight features and ease of use.

Will suggested toys train my child for preschool?

They definitely will. While some toys show letters in order to teach, fundamental math and word games, others are intended to advance the improvement of different non-preschool related aptitudes. Make sure to pick the correct toy in case you’re setting up your child for preschool learning material.

Is my youngster safe from hurt when playing with these toys?

Being that your youngster isn’t an infant any longer, you won’t need to stress over limiting certain things that may fill in as toys. As to toys that are suggested for this age, they all are kid-accommodating which implies they aren’t produced using poisonous material, neither one of them have sharp edges or detachable pieces.

Do suggested toys assist in other aspects of development?

Without a doubt, they do. Not just that these toys help your little one create and work on significant abilities, they additionally permit them to have a more beneficial line of reasoning and think emphatically. Their structure, hues utilized and shape all issue a lot to a youthful creative brain, and assist them with producing glad considerations considerably later in adulthood.


Toys spot an important place in your child’s teens. Also, getting them completely the best toys that suit their advantage is the ideal approach to make this period significantly more noteworthy. So don’t stuff their stay with everyday toys, except attempt to search for exceptional and modem toys. Moreover, make a point to contribute some vitality with them. Show them a trick or two that they can do with their new toys and use them to be innovative and utilize imaginative psyche anyway much as could be normal while playing.

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