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$15m invested in Anti Drone Tech by Toshiba

Looks like the anti drone tech companies finally have a roadmap for themselves. We can safely say that by the recent $15m investment done by Toshiba. The investment will be done by a company called Fortem Technologies, which is situated in Utah.

The efforts of Fortem regarding Anti Drone Tech

Fortem has created formidable and innovative anti drone tech products used for the detection of drones. Their most fundamental product is the Fortem SkyDome System. This is a drone identification solution which uses the True View radar as well as the Drone Hunter. Drone Hunter is a drone based on Artificial Intelligence that can be used to remove the unwanted drones.

The idea behind all these products is to ensure that anti drone tech can recognize or identify the unwanted drones in situations such as congested traffic, security, infrastructure etc. Among the innovations in making the Fortem’s drone system is the distributed radar, Artificial Intelligence and quick drone capturing. According to Fortem, the system is very easy to install and is effective in urban environments.

As Fortem continues to work efficiently on the tech, it doesn’t mean that the company can be classified as an anti drone company. Down the years, Fortem has created important technological advancements that have contributed to the rise of the drone industry. In 2019, the company agreed on a partnership with Unify, a UTM provider. Before that, they had also created a consensus with Airmap to give C-UAS solutions.

Final Thoughts

The investment done by Toshiba shows that the anti drone tech market is set to grow to further heights. There are further developments in this regard which shows that the technology will be funded with $6.6b by 2024.

If we talk about Fortem, their product i.e. Drone Hunter is itself an anti drone. It acts as an interceptor which captures and eradicates the unnecessary drones. Its rules and regulations are only limited to the United States federal authorities. However, it is now legal in numerous parts of the world.

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