4G Connected Drones

4G Connected Drones and their Importance in the Market

Your phone is likely to connect with 4G, so why can’t your drones? 4G connected drones have a fundamental range. Even though most of the drones in the drone market can fly around 10 miles without a signal, 4G adds different dynamics. It will enable the drones to fly anywhere they find a 4G network. 

Importance of 4G connected drones

For the hobby drone pilots, 4G connected drones may not be a difficult task accessing their drones for photography. However, the 4G connectivity is essential for many commercial drone operations, such as drone delivery. Almost every drone flight beyond the operator’s line of sight (LOS) would require a strong networking signal. The drone can be anyone, such as the drone delivery or a formidable energy infrastructure inspection.

4G Connected Drones

For some products in the market that are not 4G connected drones, flying drones in crowded such as party places can cause weakening of network signals. Once the network signals go, there are huge chances of flyaways and drone crashes. You must not forget that flying drones in cities may cause interferences with Wi-Fi signals. If you fly your drone with a cellular connection, such drone issues can be mitigated. 

Moreover, make sure that you have all the details of your drone’s networking signals. There is no margin for error regarding the drone’s connectivity. So be careful!

Other drones to know about

The revolution of ANAFI into a drone with 4G connections may set innovative standards for the spec types and capabilities that professional drones demand. There are other 4G connected drones in the market, but they have different development and connectivity phases. 

North Dakota-based drone startup Botlink is building a product called Botlink XRD, an innovative replacement for your drone radio. It enables drone control from anywhere in the world through an LTE network. However, the Botlink XRD is not a drone itself, it is responsible for the mounting of your drone. 

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