Cheerson CX-20

5 Best Gimbals for Cheerson CX-20 under $100


If you own the Cheerson CX-20 GPS equipped quadcopter with its standard anti-vibration mount then you ought to get your hands on good quality gimbals for smooth and stabilized videos. We shall be discussing with you some of the best and most affordable gimbals for Cheerson CX-20.

There is a broad range of dual axis and triple axis gimbals that are compatible with Cheerson CX-20. Moreover, these products are available on the market at prices ranging between $50 and $500.
Now, whether to go for the dual axis gimbals or triple axis ones? If you are a novice, then I would suggest you to stick to the dual axis ones since the 3-axis gimbals are bulky and tend to be placed on the higher end of the price spectrum. In addition, triple axis gimbals boast more number of motors and hence draw more current; thereby minimizing the flight duration unless a dedicated power supply has been provided for the gimbal.

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PTZ Brushless Gimbal Controller for GoPro 3 Camera vs Cheerson CX-20

This is a good quality brushless dual axis gimbal in accordance with the Cheerson CX-20 and priced under $50. It is definitely worth a buy. It comes in almost assembled shape and has the ability to accommodate majority of action sports camera including the all new Xiaomi Yi 4 Action Camera 2.

Cheerson CX-20

 Walkera G-2D Camera Gimbal VS Cheerson CX-20

This one costs $80 and is quite light in weight. It is another good quality brushless gimbal that easy to configure and is a perfect foil for toy grade drones as well as larger sized ones for aerial cinematography and photography. It is perfectly suitable for GoPro and GoPro clone cameras. It can also be customized to mount a camera such as the Xiaomi Yi. It is a popular gimbal for the Cheerson CX-20. You can purchase it here.


 HAKRC Storm32 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal

This one is my personal favorite as I have used it myself and got quite fascinated by the flight movements. It can be bought for just $68. It is very user-friendly, allows for easy configuration and no real calibration issues crop up. It provides support for both GoPro cameras as well as Xiaomi Yi. It can be bought here.


 Tarot TL2D01 Professional 2 Axis Brushless Gimbal for GoPro Hero3

Tarot have come up with this new device that provides support for both GoPro as well as GoPro clone action cameras. It is available for sale at $69.99. You can also get your hands on the Tarrot TL3D02 GoPro T4 – 3D Professional 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal for just $90. However it is discontinued at moment.

Gemfan Geocalla G4 – 3D 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal

Worth $82, this gimbal is a new entrant into the world of FPV systems and provides support for majority of the action sports cameras such as SJCAM, Amkov, GoProand Xiaomi Yi. You can watch this video to get more details.
To top it all of, I would recommend you to opt for the Walkera G-2D or HAKRC Storm32 to ensure that your aerial videos are smooth and do not contain that dreaded jumpiness. However it is also discontinued at moment.

If you have some other suggestions about Cheerson CX-20, do not forget to share with us in the comments section below.

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