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Effective Guideline on Drone Simulators

In this post, we are going to discuss the 5 best drone simulators.

Before you set your $300 drone whizzing through the skies, simulators can assist you to hone your drone flying skills well in advance.

They also provide a valuable opportunity for pilots to try out new tricks of the trade or to keep training their fingers and building their muscle memory when they do not have the chance to fly outdoors.

The market has been proliferated with drone simulators. We have tried out five of them, out of which three have been really awesome. At present, we use only two of them. We wish we could do a screencast of our own videos using the simulator, but our computer gets hanged up when we try to screencast and play at the same time.

Important Consideration in Buying Drone:

Whenever you want to buy drones or little quadcopters, you must check some most important things your drone should have:

  • Price
  • Camera
  • Drone Modes and Flight Time
  • Spare Parts
  • Warranty


The price should be economical because right now you are a beginner and a cheap price drone will be the best choice to fly for the first time.


In cheap drones, not all drones need to have cameras. If you want a camera also then you will need to find various drone model that comes in cameras in a low price range.

Drone Modes and Flight Time:

For beginners, the good flight time will be flexible and flight modes also. The average flight time drones would be suitable. Just around 6 to 8 minutes is recommended.

Spare Parts:

Before buying a drone, you can its spare parts because when you hit the drone to a wall or a tree, your drone could easily be damaged and you have to bear the loss. So there should be better spare parts for a drone.


A drone warranty is an important aspect of buying time because sometimes small drones or gadgets have damaged and broken products that’s why a warranty card is good for such initiative things.

Overview Of Best Drone Under $50 For Practice:

We will be going to talk about reasonable or cheap price range drones, all about $50 or less, you can easily find them from your local shops and toy stores and if you want to avail of 5% savings then utilize Amazon Prime Reward Credit Card.

Potensic Upgraded A20 Mini Drone:

YouTube video

Potensic A20 mini drone is simple, affordable, durable and it’s agile and considered a great training drone available for $28. It is the top best choice for beginners and also a great selling drone to the market available in many colors like blue, red, green, or black There are three stalls to speed adjustment, you can choose a suitable stall according to your operational degree.


YouTube video

You can capture the most cherished family or friend moments from an amazing new perspective by DJI Mini SE. It’s the safest weight category of drones, its weight is under 249 grams and it is a light smartphone. You can enjoy cinematic shots which include amazing flight tutorials. DJI Mini SE uses 360-degree propeller guards or advanced sensors for protection and improves flight as well. You can fly it without any registration in the country.

Best Drone Simulators in the Market


Simulator physics

Simulators can be quite realistic but a lot of people are of the view that a quadcopter feels kind of floaty in it and does not behave in a manner similar to real life.

We agree with this opinion to some extent as the quadcopter does behave unrealistically but a drone simulator does help you build your muscle memory from coordinating turns and practicing throttle control.

A simulator might not give you a real-life experience but it is a great tool to hone your drone flying skills and some poor mechanics should not drive you away from using a simulator.

Now, let’s not waste any more time and get back to the business end of the post.

FPV Freerider in Drone Simulators

FPV Freerider was the first simulator that we used and it is one of the best tools to give you a feel for a real life drone in the sky in the FPV mode.

We flew our drone on the simulator for a few hours before we flew it outdoors in real and we felt a massive difference in our skills.

This is an amazing simulator and inexpensive and so light-weighted. Because of its cheap price, it is a very popular drone flight sim and has six-pre design tracks, FPV flight modes. It offers you the best degree of customization, you can run as per your choice and commands. It can work even with a computer system only because of its weight.

Numerous people struggle with orienting themselves and they undergo the out of the body sensation when flying in the FPV mode.

This simulator assisted us in getting acquainted with plenty of tips of the trade before we were able to implement them in real life with our drone.

The drone simulator costs $5 while the demo version is restricted to a single track only.

Having said that, the FPV Freerider is quite limited in terms of flight characteristics. You cannot customize the rates of the quadcopter so it can be a bit of a hassle to getting your drone to behave the same way in the simulator as in the real life.

That is why we would strongly recommend it, for newbies, only. Seasoned professionals will not enjoy using it but it is a pretty decent tool for beginners.

The software is compatible with both macOS and Windows operating systems and also provides support for a wide array of transmitters.

We have used it with the typical Turnigy 9X with a USB dongle along with a Taranis X9D. It should also be compatible with a Turnigy Evolution or Taranis Q X7.

You can fly your drone in 6 different scenarios including desert, island, meadow, car park, playground and a field.

The drone simulator lets you fly Line of Sight (LOS), FPV, acro mode and angle mode.

YouTube video

Liftoff Drone Simulator

ImmersionRC has developed this amazing drone simulator. These people have come up with incredible video transmitters and drones (Vortex) in the past. The Liftoff Drone Simulator can be bought via the Steam store.

This is the best for all active users like beginners and experienced drone pilots. It is a racing sim to hold and gather a variety of different events and leaderboards. The main function of this sim is to allow a drone pilot to fail and pick again at the starting point. It can fly in multiple weather conditions.

Once we got fed up with the Freerider drone simulator, we started using the beta version of the Liftoff Drone simulator.

This simulator is highly customizable as it lets you adjust the rates through a user interface that resembles Betaflight. This allows you to get a real life-like feel of sticks as you are likely to get in real-time flights.

You can also modify motors, propellers, and batteries in your quadcopter but we are not really sure whether this will make a huge difference in real-time flights.

Liftoff drone simulator offers tons of different scenarios and a few integrated race courses. You can also download a number of community race courses from the Steam store.

A great advantage that one gets from Liftoff Drone Simulator is access to a massive user community as there are numerous experts who are endeavoring to improve the quality of this simulator.

The simulator lets you practice races while competing against other pilots via the multiplayer online modes.

Having said that, the drone feels too floaty in the simulator which is certainly not life like. So despite the hard efforts of people to improve the quality of this simulator, there is still room available for further enhancement.

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But the mere fact that there is a massive community of users engaged in developing and improving Liftoff is a great advantage.

The simulator will perform well on a computer with high specifications but you can always tone down the settings and make the software run on a slower computer.

YouTube video

Veloci drone

Veloci drone is our current favorite as it blends the best features of FPV Freerider and Liftoff Drone Simulator. It lets you choose an aircraft of your own choice, explore maps, create your own racecourses, adjusts Betaflight rates, and enjoy real life-like mechanics.

It is slightly expensive as it costs about 15 British Pounds but the features you get in this package make it worth this price.

The Veloci drone is plug and play which means that it is compatible with Taranis or Turnigy Evolution out of the box. All you have to do is to plug it in, configure it and enjoy it.

The maps are quite sophisticated and you get to fly your drone in scenarios such as a warehouse, a subway station, an open field, an abandoned factory, a port, and a soccer stadium.

The drone simulators also include some pre-configured courses while you can also share your own courses.

The online multiplayer mode is quite awesome while you can also race against online players on the leaderboard.

The Veloci drone requires a high-quality graphics card to run so it won’t run on a slow computer. The application works fine on Macbook Pro though it runs with a few hiccups on Macbook Air.

This drone simulator is specially designed and manufactured for FPV drone racing. There are so many functions and options for drones that you can easily purchase from the market. Just use it and enjoy flying and feel free to play with drones as well.

YouTube video


This drone simulator made vibes among consumers when it first burst on the scene but since then it has not made much progress. We are uncertain if the developers are working on this application.

The onscreen quadcopter does not respond to the stick’s input the way one would desire. Moreover, the drone simulator has not been updated for a long time.

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Rotor Rush in Simulators

Boasting a massive online user community, the Rotor Rush drone simulator is a decent application that comes with an old fashioned user interface. The interface is similar to MSDOS and it is quite a hassle to configure the quadcopter.

Moreover, the drone simulators are not one-time purchase as it costs 4 pounds per month.

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Drone Racing League (DRL) Simulator:

This drone racing league simulator is designed to provide complete basic knowledge for beginners and its very cheap, you can get it just by paying $9.99 and you can enjoy its training tutorial from basic player to pilot within a few hours to learn most of the things that help you to fly drones. The DRL sim gives a robust feature, you just need controllers to play the DRL simulator and enjoy the real thrill of drone racing with all joy.

DJI Drone Simulator:

If you have a DJI drone and are going to fly it then the DJI drone simulator is the best choice. It has three flight modes and a built-in comprehensive physics engine. You can easily fly this drone in various commercial situations with the help of robust flight scenarios.

It includes a comprehensive physical engine, multiple POVs, and has three flight modes and unique flight control technology. This software offers you to hone your drone piloting skills and experience without any risks and costs.

Other Specifications:

  • You can enjoy high-quality visuals
  • It is consists of multiple POVs
  • You can operate it with amazing flight experiences such as wind and ground effects
  • You can learn three types of training methods like flight, skills training, and application training
  • This simulator has three versions such as enterprise version, free trial, and energy version

Drones Supported:

You can get a free trial version only with such a drones series. like

Mavic Series:


  • Mavic Air
  • Mavic 2 Pro
  • Mavic 2 Zoom
  • Mavic Pro


Phantom Series:
  • Phantom 4 Pro
  • Phantom Advanced
  • Phantom Advanced Pro
Inspire Series:
  • Inspire 1
  • Inspire 2
Matrice 200 Series:

After analyzing all such data, we can aid that flying a cheap drone would be the best choice to learn, train and then fly after complete understanding and basic skills. After that upgrade your drone when you become an expert in drone flight.

Phoenix R/C Pro Flight Simulator:

This simulator is the best Pro drone simulator. The majority of drone pilots use Phoenix R/C Pro Flight Simulator to start their drone flight with a special program. You will find all the related functions related to flying a drone with complete user satisfaction and demanding commands.

Key Specifications:

  • It has two CDs and one Spektrum DX6i Controller
  • You can fly in heating settings and customizable options
  • This simulator has all functional tools to run efficiently
  • Another main thing is its interactive flight challenges.

Heli X UAV Flight Simulator:

YouTube video

It is a marvelous R/C drone flight simulator, works in real-time physics. It is available in Mac-OS X, Windows, and Linux and provides a variety of training situations to fly drones correctly. You will get a completely functional demo or a class that helps you to buy the right drone for an excellent flight. With the help of UB controls, you can enjoy Heli-X applications. Other situations that you will use in this simulator are the cage, reaction coaching, autorotation, lasso, and hover, etc.

Zephyr Drone Flight Simulator:

YouTube video

This simulator is specially made for racing pilot training and education by following different easy and difficult scenarios. In the classroom it allows teachers to analyze and monitor their pupil’s progress when using this flight simulator. It has multiple training models and programs that have various characteristics.

Other Key Specifications:

  • Devices can be used Windows PC and <ac
  • Customizable drone flight environments
  • You can learn two FPV and VLOS drone flight styles
  • It also consists of a great learning management system
  • You will find supported controllers as well
  • It also has some well-known game controls like Xbox 360, Xbox 1 and Playstation Controls, etc

Tiny Whoop Go:

It is a free sim Tiny Whoop Go to attract an indoor whoop experience. If you are a newbie then you should use this drone simulator for practicing your drone flight.

GTA V Mod:

This simulator is something unique and different and a very good option to choose for a drone flight experience. It is not good physics wise but yes, a very enjoyable and lovely simulator to fly in the real world.


What is the FPV drone for Windows?

For Windows PC DroneSim Pro Flight is the best option and an excellent alternative.

Is Quadcopter Flight Simulator beneficial for you?

Yes, its simulator application helps you in aerial photography, video making, live streaming, racing and guides you to operate so many distinct versions. You can also use Realflight computer software and enjoy flight abilities inefficient way and ideal for drone flight beginners

What is the best racing drone simulator?

Realflight RF8 is an excellent and highly effective racing drone simulator available in the market. It consists of so many outstanding programs that help to run your drone flight professionally.

Can you fly the FPV alone?

The answer is No, you can not fly an FPV drone solo because it is illegal. You have been punished for doing this act.

Can you fly a drone out of sight?

According to the FAA you should keep your drone in visual line of sight every time. Otherwise you can fly commercial drones beyond visual line of sight.

How high can you fly drones illegally?

You can fly your drone in air below 400 feet above the ground in general and you have no chance to fly a commercial drone without taking permission from the FAA.


There are different applications such as Real Flight that can help you fly a drone but they are of no use unless you can connect your transmitter to your smartphone.

Using the application and the onscreen controls will be similar to playing a video game and it won’t do a lot of good to your drone flying skills.

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