All About Choosing a Buggy

Buggy has been around since the inception of RC vehicles and promises to offer lots of entertainment and fun to RC car enthusiasts. RC buggies or radio-controlled vehicles tend to provide plenty of exhilarating experiences to the RC car junkies in contrast to RC trucks.

Moreover, these vehicles are great in pursuing off-road adventures and their durability makes them popular among those interested in machines and their customization. The question pops up what characteristics you should look for when buying an RC buggy? Here is some really important information about RC dirt buggies.

Choosing a buggy

First and foremost is to decide the car that you should buy. This can be quite tricky and especially if you are one of those who are new to the world of RC cars, it can be rather challenging. If you opt for a radio-controlled vehicle, then you will have to reserve more time and spend more resources in the repair and maintenance of these machines.

The next decision that you will have to make is whether it is a car driven by gasoline or battery. You presumably would be thinking that a nitro or gasoline car would be the faster option. However, in that case, you will be wrong. Ever since brushless technology has been developed, electric models tend to be just as quick and nimble as the nitro ones. It all boils down to your personal choice and preference but electric models tend to be slightly more advantageous.


Electric brushless RC cars have one major advantage. That is noise! Nitro buggies tend to produce lots of noise. This noise does not sound that bad to RC car junkies though. However, your neighbors would certainly get offended by such loud noise. Moreover, in residential areas or even in local parks, there are certain sound restrictions and it becomes quite annoying to find a place where you could bash your RC buggy around.

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As far as refueling is concerned, nitro RC buggies are easy to maintain since you simply have to fill up the fuel tank. Electric buggies need to be charged up frequently which can take up to several hours for a complete recharge. Nevertheless, this can be resolved by keeping several battery packs in your repertoire.

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You should keep in mind that you opt for a brushless electric buggy since this happens to be the nimblest and most efficient of all the designs. Brushless buggies can reach optimum speeds of 60mph as compared to about 30 or 40mph that is offered by the conventional motors.

Always be on the lookout for customization options. You will need to carry out a bit of tinkering to ensure that you get the best out of your machine. Scour the market for a completely adjustable rear wing so you can tailor the amount of downforce.

Four-wheel drive and a full ball raced system is preferable to conventional two-wheel drive vehicles and a decent set of soft grip rubber tires.


RC buggies will promise all the exhilaration and entertainment that can be imagined with a real-world racing car. A Brushless RC buggy is a thing of the future and is a beginning to overtake nitro cars. The nitro cars are definitely in for some tough time.

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