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How To Get Started With Nitro RC Cars And Petrol RC Cars

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People are insanely falling in love with nitro and petrol RC cars. These are spectacular pieces of technology that can be controlled from a large distance and asked to carry out your bidding. It has been designed to be responsive to the user’s commands.

You can purchase a new RC car or truck based on your preferences or requirements. Radio-controlled cars that offer no customization options can turn out to be rather monotonous. If you are interested in getting to know the technical and mechanical aspects of an automobile, then you will certainly get hooked to this magnificent hobby. Let’s see why so many people are getting attracted to buying nitro RC cars and trucks.

Informed Decision Making

When you are about to choose a RC car, you should make an informed decision based on your needs. For instance, you should be familiar with the fact that whether you will be needing a car for drifting purposes or needing one for tackling off-road challenges. These cars can be used for racing purposes as well as a gift for toddlers or younger kids.

The nitro or gas powered RC cars are designed primarily for adults or younger kids since this hobby has the potential of getting quite advanced as one starts building and upgrading one’s vehicle. When choosing a petrol RC car, it is pertinent that you decide the terrain on which you intend to drive the vehicle; whether you want to traverse hills or grassy meadows or jump off dirt ramps.

Indoor courses are meant for driving smaller sized cars and do not boast the requisite space for driving a 1/5 scale model. Outdoor cars offer greater opportunity for driving cars of varying shapes and sizes. So, whether you opt for a smaller size vehicle or a larger sized one, it all depends on your preference. If you want a nifty vehicle, then a nitro RC car is the way to go.

Gas or Nitro Powered RC Cars

RC car enthusiasts have always been tempted towards gas powered RC cars. All of you reading this post must have owned an RC car either gas or nitro powered at one point in time in your lives. I certainly owned one and drove it through my neighborhood along with my friends as we tackled different obstacle-filled courses.

Having said that, there are folks who take way too much interest and adopt driving RC cars as their hobby. They get the best cars, tune them up, upgrade them, maintain them and ensure that they get the best out of them.

Phenomenal Design

Engineers endeavor to put a lot of attention to detail while designing RC cars. Moreover, petrol RC cars are real-life clones of the real world cars out there and are manufactured with immaculate precision. Having said that, hobby-grade RC cars also require frequent repair and maintenance as the real-world cars.

Regular Tune-ups

If you tend to tune-up your real-world car then you would certainly take a fancy to drive and maintaining RC cars. You get the opportunity to innovate and customize your engine; thereby offering the much-needed flexibility to use spare parts as and when required. It goes without saying that you certainly would want to get your hands on a car that is able to win every racing event for you; whether you are a novice or a veteran. However, you must remember that there are different kinds of RC cars out there.

Don’t Waste Your Money, folks!

Generally, beginners are suggested to use electric RC cars upfront since they are easier to operate and require less maintenance. But we suggest you not to waste your money on buying an electric RC car that will never seem familiar to a real-life car. Get a nitro or petrol RC car and spend lots of practice hours. Driving a petrol or nitro RC car is an experience that is similar to that provided by a real-world car. It offers lots of power, produces plenty of noise, and provides a tremendous driving experience.

Pros and Cons of Electric and Petrol RC Cars

Both types of radio-controlled vehicles have advantages of their own. Electric cars are easier to build and maintain. Nitro cars, on the other hand, are costly when it comes to repair and maintenance but offer higher speeds. Moreover, they offer an experience similar to driving a real-world car.

Furthermore, the nitro RC cars run on fuel and this tends to enhance the run time. So you will not have to worry about recharging your batteries. The prices of nitro RC cars have certainly plummeted in recent days. Nevertheless, there are still nitro RC cars that cost three or four times more as compared to electric RC cars.

The downside that you get with the nitro RC cars is that you have to maintain them and tune them up in the same way as you would do with a real-world car. This is so because it consists of mechanical parts that need to be cleaned up and replaced as and when required.

In addition, if you are a novice and do not have experience of the construction and working of combustion engines, you are in for some trouble in the beginning while assembling and maintaining different engine parts. Battery-powered RC cars come in ready to run shape. You simply have to get the battery charged up and off you go.

Real Car Replicas

There is a wide variety of RC cars and trucks available on the market. A lot of these cars are clones of real-life cars while others are innovations created by the impeccable intellect of engineers using cutting-edge technology. There are RC cars that are known as all-terrain vehicles while there are devices that are meant to be driven on smooth surfaces only. You can get a rally model car or a truck if you want to drive it on rough, rocky terrain as well as on asphalt or tarmac.

Prior Experience

If you possess some experience with regard to working with other radio-controlled vehicles, that will be of great benefit. If you are not marred by budgetary constraints, then buying a nitro RC is the way to go. What’s so great about these vehicles is that they generally come in ready to run the state with the gas tank already fitted.

So, you only have to top it up with the requisite fuel and off you go! A nitro RC car operates on a mixture of nitromethane, methanol, and lubricating oil. The carburetor, filer, pipe, fuel filter, and cooling head of these machines need to be maintained regularly for ensuring top-quality performance. Since there are tons of models out there, the possibilities and options are limitless.

What’s so Exciting About Petrol RC Cars!

The enhanced performance characteristics and serenading engine sound produced by the nitro RC cars make them the best in the business. Some of these vehicles are able to attain speeds in excess of 70mph in addition to scintillating acceleration.

Having said that, lots of maintenance and cleaning is required. If you are new into this hobby, it could take some time for you to get used to it. As soon as you get addicted to it, you will certainly be in for the time of your lives.

Converting from Electric to Nitro RC Car

There is no stigma related to converting your electric RC car to a nitro RC car. When it comes to power and maneuvering, the differences between the two genres of RC cars is getting blurred with every passing day.

Most of the users of electric RC cars understand that electric cars are affordable in terms of both operational and maintenance costs. You are the only one who can tell which one is the right car for you. If you own a petrol RC buggy or RC truck, top its fuel tank up and have a go. I am confident that you will have a nice time driving this device.

Make Your Childhood Dreams Come True!

If as a kid, you had a great time playing around with radio-controlled toys and then grew up toying with RC cars, then the world of petrol RC cars awaits you to mesmerize you with its glitter. It is an advanced vehicle in comparison with a battery-powered car. A real engine resides underneath the body of nitro RC cars.

Petrol RC cars are lighter in weight in contrast to RC trucks and RC buggies. They also offer high speeds and provide a perfect foil for extreme car racing.

Off-Road Nitro RC Cars

Off-road nitro RC cars, trucks, and buggies are designed specifically to traverse rough and rowdy terrains. They are able to tackle any obstacle thrown in their path while ensuring stability. Moreover, they also offer high speeds and tend to be quite versatile.

Petrol RC cars Accessories

There are tons of petrol RC cars accessories available on the market and it is important that you purchase the best ones at the lowest prices. Most of the comparison websites out there certainly do compare products by different brands but they do not include the shipping and handling aspects.

To get rid of this lacuna, you will have to visit the website of the manufacturer. A low-cost accessory does not mean that it will be shipped to you at a cheap price. Beware of the stores that claim free shipping but cannot live up to their claims since large sized petrol RC cars can turn out to be rather expensive for shipping.

Final Verdict

You can either spend an arm and a leg to get a high-end petrol RC car or you can save some money up your sleeves and get a low-cost car. The decision is yours to make.

If you are getting an RC car for a kid or for someone with no prior interest in RC cars, for that matter, get a low-cost device since you cannot really tell if that individual would be as enthusiastic about the RC car as you are. Nevertheless, you should opt for a full-scale model that boasts a phenomenal design.

Most of the people out there take a fancy to build their own petrol RC cars. Ground-based vehicles offer the greatest flexibility in terms of customization options. They are similar to developing a real-world automobile but in a miniature size. You can choose the engine of your choice, change the tires, suspension and do whatever you like with your gas-powered RC cars.