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Top FPV YouTube Channels

I attempted to go down the FPV rabbit hole by watching a video on the popular video hosting site YouTube after watching a video by Charpu or Skitzu, I presume. It was a life-changing moment as I have fallen in love with quadcopters ever since then. We will look into the best FPV YouTube Channels here.

I also take fancy to seeing other people flying their machines and also carrying out those stunning aerial maneuvers. It is always a great learning experience to watch build videos. Moreover, you get to learn plenty of new stuff by watching the professionals take a bite at the cherry.

You can find lots of channels on YouTube related to quadcopters. There are a few of them that are my personal favorites. These have helped a lot in learning the tricks of the trade.

If you believe that there is some other channel that deserves to be included to this list, let us know in the comments sections.

RC Model Reviews- FPV YouTube Channels

Bruce Simpson has been an avid drone enthusiast for a long time. He is a great teacher on all things related to radio controlled contraptions and comes forward with honest and top quality reviews. I learned a lot in terms of soldering and building quadcopters from scratch by watching his videos. If you are a beginner, then RCModelReviews is a great channel to subscribe to.

FPV YouTube Channels

Rotor Riot- FPV YouTube Channels

The Rotor Riot has been conceptualized by Chad Kapper from Flite Test and features the FPV superstars such as Mr. Steele, Charpu, FinalGlide and UmmaGawd. It is informative, entertaining and a great channel to subscribe to. I am always waiting to catch sight of their new episodes. It is basically four guys who enjoy and love what they do!

FPV YouTube Channels

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Charpu FPV- FPV YouTube Channels

You may refer to Charpu as the godfather of FPV racing and it was his videos that got me so pumped up that I decided to venture into this wonderful world of drones. He is a legendary pilot who has been able to accomplish things that are unimaginable for most of us. I idolize him and I am pretty sure that there will be millions who are inspired by his prowess and skill. When you meet him in person, you won’t be able to imagine how humble and modest he is!

FPV YouTube Channels

Mr. Steele- FPV YouTube Channels

Steele Davis, also known as Mr. Steele, was the first one to coin the terminology “Ripping Balls”. He flies his aircrafts super-fast, rolls them, flips them and performs some scintillating aerial stunts. His flips are so swift that you would barely even notice them. Steele also does VLogging on his FPV adventures. His videos are a great specimen of sound post-production while his cool sense of humor adds a lot of flamboyance to them.

FPV YouTube Channels

Final Glide Aus- FPV YouTube Channels

An Australian RC enthusiast, Chad Nowak, is one of the best you will find around when it comes to RC racing. He is a naturally gifted bloke who features on Rotor Riot with his super-fast maneuvers and interesting tips and tricks.

FPV YouTube Channels

UmmaGawd- FPV YouTube Channels

Tommy Tibajia or UmmaGawd has created this channel that is brimming with fast-paced, seamless, low-altitude flips, rolls and other stunning aerial maneuvers. He features on Rotor Riot and is one of the very best in the business. Some of his earlier videos had stick overlays that can be used to learn the art and science of flying quadcopters.

FPV YouTube Channels

MattyStuntz- FPV YouTube Channels

Matty was a former stunt biker and has now made his way into the drone industry. He is a phenomenal FPV pilot who knows rather too well how to perform those mind-blowing aerial stunts. He performs stunts that will keep you confounded for hours and you will end up scratching your head how the heck he was able to pull such amazing stunts. Matty also does VLogging and also tends to share his trade secrets from time to time.

FPV YouTube Channels

Skitzo FPV

Skitzo is one of the iconic FPV YouTube Channels of the drone world along with Charpu and Steele. He is able to carry out super-smooth flights that are full of amazing stunts and exquisite dexterity. He is extremely humble and endeavors to respond to each of his followers’ comments on Reddit and YouTube. He is a master of diving in and out of trees with his aircraft.

Skitzo Channel


Hailing from Germany, Phil Freybott is a super-talented pilot. He produces videos that feature idyllic landscapes from all over Germany and document his journeys. He is a great bloke who also appears on Flite Test as a guest pilot.

Phil Freybott

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Another pioneer of FPV YouTube Channels, Juz70 seems to be around for like ages. His videos cover some stunning locations from all over Australia including forest reserves, bridges, and some mind-blowing landscapes.


BMSWeb- FPV YouTube Channels

This father and son duo from Australia, comes with great quality features and previews of all the latest drones and FPV equipment. They are extremely talented pilots who portray lots of foliage and amazing aerial stunts in their videos. Hey, they are great racers too!


Joshua Bardwell

The Drone Racing Engineer knows everything that is remotely related to the mechanics and assembling of multirotors. He is well-versed with tuning, building and modifications using the software. He has also produced a very informative video series that teachers how to perform aerial stunts.

Joshua Bardwell


A channel created by Neil Jones, manifests his love and passion for the hobby. He is very humble and comes forth with wonderful tips and tricks. I watched one of his tutorial videos on aerial acrobatics and became his fan.

NJ Tech


Lance is a freestyler who loves to fly his aircraft through populated urban locales. He is also adept at maneuvering his device up and down the bridges. His videos are very engaging and it is always fun to admire his dexterity as a drone pilot. It has one of the best FPV YouTube Channels.

FPV Youtube Channels


This is the guy who was the winner of the very first World Drone Prix held in Dubai in 2016. His channel features a nice blend of videos portraying aerial maneuvers and fast paced racing. Here is a video that shows how he won the coveted title a year ago.


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That HPI Guy- FPV YouTube Channels

Richard is a seasoned professional pilot who comes up with detailed video tutorials, flight videos, Vlogs and accessory reviews. His tutorials are very elaborate and he owns an extensive collection of RC things.

Borris B.

The developer of Betaflight which is a magnificent port of Cleanflight that adds a new dimension to it and helps you take full charge of your drone. He is very skillful and you will get to learn plenty of new stuff simply by watching his videos. You can also watch some stick time in his older videos.


One of the veterans of drone flying, Metalldanny is a Dutch and is known as the rockstar of drone flying along with Borris B. in Europe. He is able to fly his drone at incredible speeds and can also perform mind-boggling aerial stunts. You can also watch videos that show him whizzing in and around local parks. As a matter of fact, he has also flown in a real parking loft that was modeled after the one in Liftoff.

Bulbufet FPV

Paul Nurkkala is a drone aficionado who has been putting in concerted efforts to build a community of FPV enthusiasts. His FPV YouTube Channels are brimming with vlogs, racing videos and builds of multirotors.

Johnny FPV

Another freestyler, Johnny Schaer is a masterful pilot who has flown his drone all over the world and captures stunning landscapes. He performs those astounding aerial maneuvers with amazing dexterity that is very difficult to replicate.

JesseP FPV- FPV YouTube Channels

A member of the Team Big Whoop, Jesse is one of the most popular pilots in the world. He, along with his crew, conceptualized XBR frame and also came up with Tiny Whoop that has captured the imagination of thousands in the drone world. His video channel is adorned with his stunning racing videos.

Webb FPV

Hailing from Australia, WebbFPV is a prolific drone pilot who is great at performing stunning aerial acrobatics and is a god of drone racing. He flies his aircrafts at locations that are manifestations of idyllic beauty.

UAVFutures- FPV YouTube Channels

Stew from UAVFutures is one of my favorite burgeoning drone pilots. He is in love with this hobby and has created some top quality frames and builds. He does some highly objective and fun-oriented reviews and boasts an attractive Australian accent.

T-Bone FPV

You can find videos on quadcopter building, races, aerial stunts and other interesting topics on this channel. For instance, one of his videos portrays his attempt to dispose off a LiPo with a gun. He has also appeared on Flite Test recently.

Wiggles FPV

A team pilot for VoodooQuads, Wiggles FPV has some very informative videos on micro builds at his channel. It is certainly a kind of channel you should definitely subscribe to if you want to know how to build a quadcopter from scratch.

Zoe FPV- FPV YouTube Channels

Regarded as one of the best female drone pilots in the US, Zoe is great at racing and impressive at performing stunning aerial stunts. She has recently ventured in 3D flying in which you can fly upside down as if you were flying rightside up. Generally, you tend to lose altitude in case you flip over when flying 3D. But you can throttle up upside down and gain the requisite height. Zoe is great at what she does!

Travisgrindal- FPV YouTube Channels

Travisgrindal comes with reviews of Banggood frames and components on his channel. He is ever ready to present a review on anything that hits the Banggood shelves. His reviews are unbiased and thoroughly entertaining. He also comes up with decent flight videos occasionally.


Furadi flies Hovership frames generally and those frames are real monsters to be honest. He is a great racer and you can get to see his racing videos on his channel. By studying his videos and learning from his tricks, you can become better at racing too.


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