Blackfoot RC Truck Review

The Tamiya Black RC truck is the latest part of the Blackfoot series by Tamiya. The series was launched way back in 2016 and has been able to gain massive traction among RC car aficionados ever since its inception. The Blackfoot 2016 boasts much of the same features as the original Blackfoot RC truck along with some of the state of the art new features. Here is what we think about the Blackfoot RC

Exceptional Features of Blackfoot RC Truck

It makes you remember all your great moments that we had with the original Blackfoot RC truck. The developers have added a tinge of the traditional appearance to the packaging and the associated instructions manual. So, if you are one of the older RC truck enthusiasts who once owned the Blackfoot RC truck, then you would certainly be overwhelmed by nostalgia.

The manufacturers have given detailed and comprehensive instructions with the truck. The instructions incorporate plenty of figures and they make the comprehension of all the associated steps in building the RC truck really easy. Tamiya lay a lot of emphasis in ensuring that people are able to build their trucks appropriately from scratch.

The detailed instructions might appear to be intimidating at first. The instructions are geared towards ensuring that you are able to assemble the truck the way it is meant to be. Moreover, the instructions make this truck a must-have for a novice or someone who is buying his or her first RC truck.

What’s cool about the Blackfoot RC Truck!

First and foremost, assembling the Blackfoot RC truck from scratch is a lot of fun. Whether you are building it for yourself or sharing the building process with your kid, you will be in for a real treat. This truck is rather easy to assemble and we do not think that anyone of you will have any issues in assembling it together as long as you abide by the instructions given in the user’s manual.

Moreover, driving the Blackfoot RC truck is exceptionally easy. It is a remarkable device to conquer off-road terrains; be it mud, tall grass, or rock landscape. The truck handles like a charm and even if your kid is having this truck as his or her first RC car, they are in for the time of their lives.

It will be great fun to construct a course and then have your truck tackling the course obstacles. You are definitely going to enjoy watching the RC Blackfoot truck overcome anything that comes in its way. The charge time, drive time, and the entire driving experience you get from the Blackfoot 2016 is simply magnificent to be honest. Moreover, the device is reasonably priced.

What’s disappointing?

This is a great device that will tickle your nostalgic buds. There are few things that will not be appreciated by some of you though. There is no Ford license involved here. The original Blackfoot truck had the Ford logo glistening in front of the truck.

Either Ford was no more interested in having their logo littering in front of the truck or Tamiya did not have the budget for the license. This might not be that big of a deal for most but there are some who will surely be disappointed by the absence of the Ford logo. Moreover, some of the other licensed decals that came with the original models have been done away with.

Furthermore, the Blackfoot 2016 is loaded with brushed motors which might seem mundane to some. It does offer smooth handling and is certainly faster in contrast to its predecessors but it is still not quick enough to compete against the modern-day RC trucks falling in the same price category. Nevertheless, this won’t annoy most people and they will still be inclined to purchasing this legendary RC truck.

Who should get it?

The simple answer to this question would be anyone who grew up owning the original Blackfoot RC truck would love to have this one. Despite the absence of a Ford license, you are still going to be blown away by the cool waves of nostalgia one you get it out of the original packaging, and start building your own race track.

We believe that it is a fabulous RC truck for the parents to assemble along with their kids owing to its simplicity and the amount of fun associated with it. If you want your kid to adopt driving RC trucks and cars as a hobby, then the Blackfoot RC truck is the best way to go.

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To be honest, the Blackfoot RC truck is a phenomenal gadget. I spent lots of time playing around with the original Blackfoot in the 80s and so it was simply not possible that I would not be attracted to this new generation truck.

Despite incorporating numerous cutting edge features, we are of the opinion that most of the folks would still find themselves embroiled in the decades-old nostalgia. The device is being sold at a reasonable price and we believe that the durability associated with the machine will ensure that you end up using it several years in the future.

It will be a great experience trampling anything that comes your way with the Blackfoot 2016. Whether you are buying the Blackfoot RC truck as your first RC car or you are an experienced RC car enthusiast, you are in for a time of your lives with this awesome gizmo.

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