Casia X

Casia X detects and avoids system ships this month

If you are willing to make a drone, one of the biggest features surrounding it is the ‘detect and avoid’ feature. Even the cameras worth $600 these days have a certain criteria of avoidance, ensuring that it becomes an important feature for professional drone users. The automation Casia X promises to bring exactly that to the drone industry.

What to expect from Casia X?

Casia X

Based in San Francisco, Iris is working hard on the computer vision technology with regards to the shipment and utilization of Casia X. They have issued a statement in which they have clearly stated that their number 1 priority is to make detection system for its benefit.

Casia X

Casia X is rumored to be shipped from 21st May onwards. It possesses onboard multi-camera feature, which is integrated within the ‘detect and avoid’ system. This is beneficial for the commercial drones in the drone market. As a result of the multi-camera feature, your respective drone will have a 360° radial detection feature via computer vision technology.

This ‘detection and avoid’ feature enables the drone user to scale and visualize widespread drone deliveries, especially the flights beyond the line of sight (LOS) operation.  This innovation is highly beneficial for the current Iris product line. We can expect the following changes in it in regards to the original Casia

  • High detection performance (Around 7%). Most importantly, there are 12X reductions in incorrect detections.
  • Enhanced software reliability.
  • Improved architecture to support the camera features for detection.


Apart from the programs such as BEYOND, Casia X is also associated with drone companies such as AviSight. It requires minute obstacle detection for its respective field testing, which is essential for linear inspections. Apart from the shipment of this product, Iris has been on a massive tear over the past year.

Last year, Iris was nominated in the AUVSI XCELLENCE Awards 2020. In the start of 2021, Iris participated in the World Economic Forum Global Innovators community. So there are positive signs within the community that the organization will grow to further heights.

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