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How to get a legal drone video in San Francisco?

Do you want a legal drone video in San Francisco, USA? Well, there is some good news for you. The common thing between the Federal Aviation Administration restrictions and the San Francisco restrictions is that it is almost impossible for getting a legal footage you want when flying the drones in that city. For example, you cannot fly the drone at Golden Gate Bridge or some of the city’s beaches. The restrictions might be placed even in the San Francisco Parks.

Getting a legal video in San Francisco

There was one incredible storyteller that came up with a solution of getting a legal drone video in San Francisco.  Most importantly, the idea didn’t even had the use of drones to begin with. According to the video posted on Twitter and YouTube, a digital marketing expert Karen X. Cheng stated about the replication of drones via the utilization of tool such as kites and finishing rods with cameras favoring their angle.

A camera associated with a fishing rod is placed at the Golden Gate Bridge. The drone pans under the bridge. Afterward, there is a camera that covers the zipline flies of a legal drone video from one cameraman angle to the Cheng of the beach. The best thing about it is that Cheng even fakes it by using and holding the DJI controller up in the sky.

After this, she has been posting numerous drone ideas about the legal ways of getting drone videos on her Twitter and Instagram account. One of her drone ideas are replicated by brands such as Brawny and 24 Hour Fitness.

Summing up

There is one thing for definite that you cannot get a legal drone video in the San Francisco National Parks without a legal permission. There are many areas in San Francisco such as the Golden Gate Bridge where you cannot fly drones.

In many cases, it seems that your video in San Francisco should never be associated with the drones in the first place. The good news is that you now will identify ways to replicate it.

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