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Drone GPS Signal Protection counters Drone Jammers

Are you worried about your drone GPS getting jammed during flight hours? Maybe you would need better assurance to make sure that you don’t lose GPS signals in urban areas. No matter if you are flying drones near tall buildings or forests, your GPS shouldn’t be jamming at all costs. Now, we are hearing that Honeywell has a solution for all the drone pilots out there.

Honeywell update on Drone GPS Protection

Drone GPS

At the AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2021 conference, Honeywell announced that they have agreed to work with InfiniDome. Their objective is to improve the drone GPS signal protection for drone pilots. Most of the drones nowadays work with a GPS signal, opposing to flying with a Wi-Fi signal. Although drones flying with cellular services are increasing in popularity, GPS is second to none. 

Drone Jammers 

Drone GPS

Without appropriate drone GPS protection, the drone flying experience is just not the same. Below, we mention some of the problems that the drone pilots have to encounter:

    • Maintaining consistent drone signals in urban areas
    • Flying in aerial spaces may create a blockage of GPS signals
    • GPS jammers are always there to attack the drones 

It is valid for drone companies to shift their focus on drone jammers. We know that Israel-based InfiniDome protects all wireless communications from GPS jammers.  

“Intentional GPS jamming and spoofing incidents are becoming increasingly alarming for us, and this partnership will create a quick solution to this critical industry demand,” Matt Picchetti, Honeywell Aerospace. 

Why you should use it?

drone jammers

Honeywell and InfiniDome’s Drone GPS signal protection system can be important for both defensive and commercial applications. If you cannot maintain a consistent GPS signal, you will not be able to do accurate navigations or secure your drone products. The Honeywell/InfiniDome protection system will not just be related to drones, it may also work with numerous vehicle platforms. 

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